29 January 2007

Wiggle Wiggle slooooosshhhh...

ALRIGHT! lets start a post that is one week late. 1st Outpost Camp was Teriffic!


After school was suppose to go off with jia eu and andrew and ta kei for our last time before andrew leaves to nz BUT i had to do stuff at home and mom din let me go.BAABBI,then later was suppose to go bball and DRUMS at paul's BUT she still din let so my whole friday gone.8pm and everyone was at church d.Tjin and those other 5 monkeys had to entertain all the small kids for half an hour while registration was taking place.i'm not sure if they succeded at it or not but from the way it looks,:P.

As usual,we're always delayed every camp.the bus ride was all RENEE and SAYF making a whole lot of babi-fying crap noises.and we arrived at PD at 11pm. some camp briefing and bertidur dalam cacated air-cond.


Its 5am,guys have to take a stroll outside and do some dumb exercises conducted by jealous Lieutenant cmdrs hu didn't get to climb gunung tahan so they wanna kena us. Ran in circles,duck walks,chicken dances, etc. I feel so sad for 'em cmdrs. BACK TO SLEEP.

7.30 am,Sirens wake annoyed ppl up. After breakfast and parade and devotion,it was team corner. Killer shark,Dugong,Puffer Fish, and mine was Octopus. made our flag( it was the best) and our song/yell (was the best oso) and thought of our skit for tonight. lunch it was and then was time for some beach games.alright!

Finger exercises during parade.

Sayf was in my team and so was renee [double kill]

Thats Piaree,my team leader ,teaching us our song.

Pet was in killer Shark.

1st game,scavanger hunt.dam alot of stuff to get. one of 'em was black rangers shirt. the oni fella wearing that was RENEE. no choice lorrr,i had to pass my shirt to her to wear while i go shirtless and later on wear her shirt. I really wonder how someone can wear uber tight shirts like that. it was dam GAYYY, like naeden's size liddet.

Octopus!!!spot the gay shirt guy.

Check out our flag!!!

My sis,renee and cmdr theresa.

what else? they had a game called tennis ball. two fellas put a tennis ball in between each others faces and bring the ball to the other end. another was holding a stick in the air,spinning 10 times and downing a can of coke at once. Salutes to whoever who did that. There was another game u stick a kayu in the sand and spin around 7 times,balance a bean bag on your head,reach the other end,stuff your head in a bowl of flour and find the sweet inside using your mouth,grab the bean bag,frog jump back the other way untill u reach a half point and then duck walk back. I can't think of any other fun games there were but there was alot.like 20 of 'em.the last game was tug of war as usual. i din get to play cuz i'm the flag barrier/head cheerleader. After games everyone went for tea. and came back to the beach to have some fun.YAY volleyball!!! TAPI all the fellas who made the canon for council fire later,have to go make and plan the council fire. ARGH!!! din get to masuk the beach oso.

Our spinner hero,JOSH CHIN!!!

Look at him go!!!

Tennis ball : so cute but so wrong.

Nat : bean bag mabuk.

If u think the puffers are gonna win,put your hands up in the air and wave 'em like u just don't care! - Zech chin.

Semangat Sayf and Piaree

Kayu naeden having a go at his "muscles"

This fella even worse.


Soooo being very responsible soon to be expedition rangers me and naeden and all the expedition rangers head off to do whats right. Me,jhun hoe and shern yang collect firewood while those two monkeys,tjin and naeden have fun getting the canon to work properly. but in the end,it was me doing the whole council fire stack and shern yang collecting the best firewood from goodness knows where and all the other girls + jhun hoe planning the whole event.and of course the other two bangaus havin fun la.

Our Canon

Mine and shern yangs blistering hardwork. [all the lazy fellas behind]
Cmdr Koo and Cmdr lai kit once again talking about life.

It took 3 long hours before everything was ready for the event. A quick dinner and a bath and its SHOWTIME!!!. ohya,the canon tak jadi cuz its not easy getting the canonball to land where u want it to land so tjin and shern yang did some fight scene with fired sticks.pretty lame if u ask me.well thats the opening.

what else?alot of skits and stunts were shown.Zech is uber funny wei.Dugong's skit was darn random wei.and i din really get killer shark's skit.my skit was pirates of the laut cina selatan and THE CRACKEN!!!. then there's the fashion show for all those that dressed up in the council fire's theme which is PIRATES AND THE HIGH SEAS.naeden was too lazy to show of his outfit so i kenot berpartner with him .last minute i went with zech and jon gui. ohya,jun hoe suddenly turned from a quiet guy to really noisy dude. somehow.

Jhun hoe : help!!i'm possesed by a noisy guy!!!

Kapten Zech Burung : Why is there always no rum?i'm the kapt. here and this is mah assistant.he's mute.
Samivelu :I'm mute.

Kapten Zech Burung : and this is mah Captains assistant assistant, Johnny Jelly.He's deaf.

Johnny Jelly : did someone call me???


So many cool outfits wei. Sadly we din have a closing to the council fire.haih.after everything,pics and all,we had baked patty's on the coal fire and everyone went to sleep except me and tjin and all the bising gurls who had to plan worship for 2mrw.my eyes!!!

Kedric : Shark saver surfer dude.

Hui wei : Spongebob roundpants!

Renee,sayf,dai : NINJA TURTLES!!! emcee's of the event.

Yess u are the captain!!!

Denise and gayle : neighh sloosh

Don't mess with the captain and his assistant!!!


Tjin : i'm a cyclops.

Pet and me : how innocent.


Darren : i'm no superhero,i'm a stingray.

Terence : Scubascubascubydobyscuba

Me and kayu naeden.

Surfer dude and friends.


8am,i wake up tired,eat breakfast,change,parade and then was sunday service. KING OF MAJESTY! then uncle teoh shared the sermon,sadly no one responded in altar call but nvm.GREATEST LOVE THAT ANYONE COULD EVER KNOW,JESUS I BELIEVE IN YOU. and 1,2,3, go JESUS U ARE THE SAVIOUR OF MAH SOUL!!! jump jump jump.lol. we had FCF before lunch too.

Royal Patrol : Kedric can never stand properly.

Terence Ooi Guan Seng : the true cinaman.

then was prize giving ceremony...

Naeden got best tug of war fella,don't ask me how. Jon Chin got the best skit actor for all his dugong stunts.Shern yang got most hardworking camper[ council fire,remember]. Sayf got most sporting camper[darn bising,she did deserve it].haha,zech got best stick spinner and he had to spin around 20 times,throw the stick and jump over it. and thats about it. but overall, my team won!!!! [wiggle slooosh to that] it was quite expected anyway.we won in almost everything. dugong 2nd,killer shark 3rd and puffers 4th.

Jon : if you're dugong and u know it clap your feet.

Zech chin : you've got me spinin'

Octopus : happy sea creatures

Octopus : overjoyed sea creatures.I went gila with my flag,thats why i'm missing.

The bus came immediately after prize giving so everyone grabed their belongings and headed to the bus while these 5 hardworking rangers, naeden,tjin,shern yang,jhun hoe and me headed to the beach and took the delayed party back. the beach was fun.so cooling the water.haha. tjin left a change of clothes outside his bag so he could change in to it later but that was a terrible mistake because...

Terence : Cheessseee!!!

but he had to change into it anyway. we got about 30 mins at the beach and we baliked.unfortunately,tjin lost his uniform there.haih so sad.

well heres some other potraits and pics taken by my sis.

Leong : concentration is the key.

Renee & dai : wheee!!!

Naeden : grooming monkey hair.