29 December 2012

New Season.

Hey guys, it's been a while now, a really long while. I've decided to start blogging again, but with a fresh perspective and a fresh page. Here you go:

25 December 2010

Make it last forever.

I've never cared about news in the entertainment world. More to life than finding out about which chick wore what, or broke up with who. Josh and Zac Farro's exit from Paramore is the first big news i've given a lot of thought into. It really did surprise me why it was such a big deal to me. After all, many of bands i've listened to have broken up. But really, what bothered me was the truth on what had been happening all these years within Paramore.

Hayley released a statement on paramore.net in what i think is a rather negative way towards Josh and Zac's exit. She was saying how they don't have happiness within the band and that they went off to find that somewhere else. Josh and Zac of course, had more to say than that.

Josh and Zac's Statement

As it turns out, the whole band was an act. Everyone within was pretending that things were fine, that they had a plan, a purpose for what they're doing. These are the things that inspired me and a whole bunch of others all over the world. What they stood for, how they saw the world. But it all just was some front to keep things going. Josh and Zac were never comfortable with the direction Hayley was taking the band. They even compromised on the music and negative lyrics that Hayley insisted on.

When one of the fans asked josh why he continued though he didn't agree with anything since day one, He merely said "thought I had to stay. I felt like since I had spent so much time and effort building this band it would be a waste to leave. I was wrong. You cant sacrifice happiness for money or anything in this world for that matter"

This is why having a band is no joke for me. I refuse to compromise on excellence and purpose. Everyone needs to have the same vision and message, even if the vision is just to have fun. When even two people cannot agree, there is no direction and therefore no use in struggling through. You'd live the next 7 years as someone you're not. A big act.

What has happened with Paramore only makes me skeptical about making music with people. Its just a principle that i stand for. Because like what Paramore was to me, I might be to someone else in the future. I ain't gonna break that person's heart.

Never live as someone you're not.

28 June 2010

Where the lines overlap.

Cliques are often seen as a negative social norm fueled by stereotypes or prejudice. As for me, i simply see it as group of people who share common interests and behavior. I don't look at the negativity in cliques. i believe we need some support where we know we can find it. After all, are good company not cliques as well?

I'm with finding those who will bring out the best in you, enabling you to bring out the best in others. Believe me, you will need more than ONE social group to find a proper soul who will help you get anywhere near to achieving that while being able to be a blessing to him/her at the same time .

The differences between cliques is both beneficial yet obscuring. Beneficial in ways of discovering an extraordinary element in life, obscuring when we can't look beyond our differences for the things that tie us together (Malaysia fails miserably in this area).

As for me, I am more than comfortable with the people who are not comfortable with what seems a decent situation, people who want more than what temporal moments have to offer, people who can believe for increase though circumstances may appear otherwise, people who are able to acknowledge themselves as humans yet still strive for the better.

So today, i celebrate cliques. Celebrate what it has to offer ; discovery, a new perspective, adventure. These are the things that keep us growing, keep us asking more questions. The minute we lose curiosity on what is beyond the norm, we cease to exist.

What makes a bubble round?

07 April 2010

Beat the system.

You know how when you're 13, you know you're gonna be a rock star one day? that was big time serious for me. I was gonna travel the world in a broken down van with a band and give some sort of message or hope like how Jon Foreman did me. After all, there's got to be a reason why God gave me some form of music ability,no?

I had a couple more dreams,dreams that i honestly thought could become reality. Considered pursuing 'em professionally, going to school for it and all. I was influenced by many films and documentaries on poverty and such. So i thought, "Imma be like those film makers, show the world what's going on and hopefully send a message to the world's hearts like how some did mine." Great plan, no?

Then i learned where i went wrong.

My sis once told me.. "God usually uses us in ways that we can't imagine. Ways that are sometimes not of our initial gifts and talents." So what if you can paint? He's gonna make you paint on the hearts of others. So what if you can play football? He's gonna make you score a goal worth far more than a ball in a net. So what if you can write songs? He's gonna make you teach others to play the lifelong soundtrack He wrote for them.

I can guarantee your new dream will be better than the first. We've gotta let God give us the dream rather than crafting our own. Its through HIM we can do all things, remember?

My sis wanted to be a travel TV host but, God had BIGGER plans. She soon realized there was more to life than running around with a backpack. She's now studying sociology in Australia to one day be able to change and develop the community. I wanted to be a rock star, but there's more to life than shredding solos. Film making? Why make films of the inhuman things that happen in our world when i could be stopping it? I'm now studying business to one day be able to provide economic solutions and thus, destroy poverty along with its never changing mentality.

Dreams are goals. They give purpose. But its important to not let your dreams blind you from reality and by reality, i mean what is going on around you and more importantly, what God is saying. More often than not, there are more important things in life than your dreams. How do you make sure you never go wrong with your dreams? Ask God to make His dreams come true in your life instead of making your dreams His. Heads up, God never paints the whole picture at first. Keep Him central in your life, and that picture will come to view in His perfect timing.

As for me, I've no regrets on my decision to change the world. but thank You Lord for music and movies :)

15 February 2010

The movement.

Every Valentine's day, those "in love" go all mushy and do stupid things with hearts in their eyes. Those "not in love" choose to criticize the occasion with remarks like "its a marketing scam" or "this day is tooo over rated.". well, i have some opinions and thoughts of my own.

If you were to put me in the middle of those two different types of people, i'd say i lean more on to the critical side [heck,no mushy nonsense for me]. to be more specific, yeah, i'd say its a marketing scam. that's the business side of me talking. to me its a real 13 year old-hot pink-mushy sms-teddy bears event. a day where people reckon "its time to love". So then i paused and thought, what sorta LOVE are we talking here?

At one of John Mayer's concerts, he began talking about love, in the middle of a song. He said, there's only one thing he hasn't tried and that is to love. not the romance mushy love, the i quote, "i've got your back love". At this point some will be skeptical about it but, i think he's almost talking about the love God talked about. Jesus told us to love one another. i'll pick up from John 15 :12.

"love each other as i have loved you. There is no greater love than one to lay down his life for his friends".

That's exactly what Jesus did. He died for us. He's got our back, all 9 billion of us. Maybe this is why valentine's day was made, to remember the love that He gave that we should be giving one another. If it is, then maybe we ought to do more than remember. heck, don't go around looking for reasons to jump off a building for someone else, silly. Just that next time someone asks you for a favor, do 'em two. Next time someone needs a pat on a back, give 'em a hug. Next time someone begs for a cent, give him Jesus.

Give it a shot, give valentine's a shot and see the impact you can make in your world.
Change the world around you, and you'll change the world.

Blessed Valentines.

11 February 2010

Company Car.

Passing a driving test usually only brings simple sunday church testimonials[its horrible i have to label such a thing], but what happened today was an incredible reminder of who our God truly is.

Driving to me was never about the freedom, or the thrill of controlling your own mobile box. As i grew older, like most of us, responsibilities increased and so did datelines. TRANSPORT to fulfill such duties was the issue. All i needed was to get from A to B without waiting 5 hours for the bus, taxi, LRT and my own two feet.

A genuine year of frustrations not being able to get around. [nope, no parents to send]. Often i found myself stuck at home alone for 5 days with no means running errands or simply feeding myself. All of this was only because i was born in NOVEMBER. I'll be honest here, i was envious of those who were capable of getting themselves around. they didn't need to and i did. all some of them wanted was the thrill of being at the wheel.

Faster forward to after SPM... I took the first chance i got to go get myself a driver's lesen. unfortunately, hiccups happened. My driving test was postponed 3 times. I was setback an entire 2 months from life. Couldn't work or go out with friends simply because i couldn't get from A to B, heck i couldn't even get to CHURCH. It was frustrating to point where i felt handicapped. 18 years old, still incapable of looking after myself. There were even moments i thought God didn't want me to drive. har har.

Finally, the date was set. TODAY. i woke, said a short prayer, "I give this day to You". The first thing i realized after that was that my glasses were missing. no glasses, no vision, no pass for a driving test. "God, why are You doing this to me?". Without any other choice, i went ahead.

On the way to the testing area i get a call from my driving agency asking me if i want to bribe and get a guaranteed pass. Now, let's weigh the situation at hand. i've been doing nothing for 2 months, frustrated at my "paralyzed self" situation, my glasses are missing, there is no hope for a pass, no hope for any plans i've made before my college starts. What kind of Sam in that situation wouldn't bribe?

I decided against it. I will not conform to the corruption of the very government system i loathe.

Long story short, i aced the test. A bribe-less, glasses-less but full of God ace. At that moment i told God, "You really enjoy your little SOMEWHAT ANNOYING surprises eyh?". In the same moment, i was just so in awe of His love and goodness. i was complete in Him once again.

At the end of the day, it was so much more than a pass for a driving test. I know i made the right decision not to cave in and conform, but to trust when all hope is lost.

His ways are higher.
Isaiah 57 :8-9

God bless.

26 January 2010

Hello Hurricane.

Earthquakes, Landslides, Typhoons, Hurricanes, Tsunamis.

Disasters come and go. Each one that comes, is followed by a wave of charity. Advertisements are broadcasted on TV, Facebook posts are posted, everyone suddenly feels SYMPATHETIC, some question life, others are momentarily thankful we live in a "disaster free land", World Vision becomes the trend topic.

Then, the wave passes. No more ads, facebook posts, weeping, questions, thanksgiving, world vision. Like pop culture, no?

We need to ask ourselves this...

Are our efforts merely into temporary charity, or into a permanent change in our world?