28 June 2010

Where the lines overlap.

Cliques are often seen as a negative social norm fueled by stereotypes or prejudice. As for me, i simply see it as group of people who share common interests and behavior. I don't look at the negativity in cliques. i believe we need some support where we know we can find it. After all, are good company not cliques as well?

I'm with finding those who will bring out the best in you, enabling you to bring out the best in others. Believe me, you will need more than ONE social group to find a proper soul who will help you get anywhere near to achieving that while being able to be a blessing to him/her at the same time .

The differences between cliques is both beneficial yet obscuring. Beneficial in ways of discovering an extraordinary element in life, obscuring when we can't look beyond our differences for the things that tie us together (Malaysia fails miserably in this area).

As for me, I am more than comfortable with the people who are not comfortable with what seems a decent situation, people who want more than what temporal moments have to offer, people who can believe for increase though circumstances may appear otherwise, people who are able to acknowledge themselves as humans yet still strive for the better.

So today, i celebrate cliques. Celebrate what it has to offer ; discovery, a new perspective, adventure. These are the things that keep us growing, keep us asking more questions. The minute we lose curiosity on what is beyond the norm, we cease to exist.

What makes a bubble round?