26 February 2007

Not again.

ARGH!!! my fourth toe is half broken over something stupid again. this sucks man. mayb i shud start keeping an injury record of myself.haih,i whacked it UNINTENTIONALLY against my sis' bed post.friggin' pain. this means its slippers to school 2mrw.

my mom says i'm fated to wear slippers to skool everyday.what do u think?well anyway,its no running,football and jogging but penguin walking for at least 1 week.

NEVERTHELESS, i love my life.

Dam Friggin'



Time flies by fast. i remember it being ivans bday yesterday,now its Ying's turn. but this time it was chowern and dan hu organized it. this was yesterday btw,after rangers.but i din go rangers cuz i was at ivans hse cooking fettucinni bolognese for ying's present. but it ended up being for everyone. i was suppose to take pics of our skills but, we were too rushed.


The very nicely done pink birthday muffins.

Reached ying's hse at 4pm and put our food together with all the others. there was alot of food. more pasta,kfc,dunkin doughnuts,marshmallows,maccaroni and tuna,etc. everyone was there d. and we all waited.that was the boring part. finally she arrived and she was so suprised she din say anything ( a bit like ivan). then me and ivan took her to try the first bite of what was suppose to be her present. she loved it.and so did everyone else though lynne is right,too much oil.
Happy Birthday to U!!!!
the rest of the time was spent talking and mixing around with people i haven't talked with in a while and yeah thats it.i went home early though.7.30pm?everyone else left at 9.
and yes, all the come take pic with me pics.

Chow ERn!!!!
Cherissa and Shawna.
Andrew lied to his mom to be here.
Lynne Tan.
Huiying and Ivan.

17 February 2007

Red here and there...

Its that time again people,baliking kampung,eating FOOD,getting new clothes and gizmos and collecting moneyhh!! Since my moms mom is staying with me now, and her bro and sis is all over the world,i oni have my dads side which also has sisters all over the world. Chinese New Year Dinners aren't as big as they used to be.

I haven't seen my aunts in quite sometime. Of course they couldn't recognize me or my younger sis. So it was the usual response...

Aunts and Uncs : eh,wheres the three kids?

Mom : nerr...

Aunt and Uncs : walauwei,serious ernot wun?

Kids : believe it!!!akakakakak.

Aunts and Uncs : o so sam,ur in std 5 now arh?

Sam : *deng*... form 3 d liao.

yeap,thats mah family. and as usual,they start commenting on my dressing,hairstyle,looks,etc. next thing u know it,they're talking about how terrible the younger generation is becoming bla bla bla.. whats worse?i have my dad to back them up and give 'em a full report on what i wear everyday... yeap,thats mah family.

The food was okok oni. yee sang was too dry and the whole meal had to little portions. i was dam hungry. but Manners,Sam. Ang pau is getting less and less each year. i used to get 3 digits when i was half the height i am now. this should be the total opposite but oh well,i'm thankful for what i have.

Happy CNY People!

12 February 2007

Coming up...

Survival camp details and pics gonna come soon.i'll try blogging more often though.And for GMB concert details, go to yings blog.


We Say...

Happy Birthday Ivan!!! this is what happened when we suprised him on his 15th birthday at TGIF at 630pm after tuision. and let me tell ya it was a huge success. he was so blurrr and was so happy he kept quiet and smiled. the only thing that din workout was shawna,may wen and su wei couldn't make it. but nvm he had lynne,ying,paul,li ann and me to entertain and jaga him.
Then he asked, " dei,i oni got 3 bucks larh... how?"
we said, " macha,its ur birthday,u pay for what?"
Ivan : oh man,this is damn delicious...
And he says thanks,keeps quiet and smiles. ahahahaha. he ate some pasta which i can make in 10 mins less than 10 bucks cost but that one costs 25 i think. nvm lah,still his burfday. Li ann sent me there and we were 30 mins early. i had to layan her crapping and whats worse?may wen calls.lynne showed up last minute though.

Li ann : When are they coming?dam hungry wei.

Sam : I have to layan that dungu for 45 mins.

Lynne : 20 bucks?! dam cheap weih.

Makan and talk makan and talk, we ate slowly. Ndrew paul had some burger,so did i.li ann and ying shared some appetizer dish( not hungry merh??) and lynne got another appetizer for herself. All these bangaus were darn noisy wei.especially ivan and lynne.. so we had a minute of silence for everyone. darn funny.

Ndrew enjoyed his burger his own special way.

So did i.

All the TGIF crew did their usual birthday thingamabob,ivan gave his really touching speech, and they caked him with the cake they gave us. we had another cake that was uber delicious.

Ivan : Thanks, you guys the best weih.

Your welcome dude,anytime.

Then was bill paying time.it came up to about 151 bucks. lynne oni left 50 cents for tips... so calculative. And we rolled away at 10pm. walked around digital mall, took some outside pics and went our separate ways.

Ivan wanted to take a pic with the fire hydrant so...

Lynne : Girl with attitude, deal with it.

All the usual "come take picture with me" pics...

Ying and Sam : Smile!

Ivan and Sam : Braders.

Ivan and Lynne : Amboi, Comelnya. Vely cute. ahahaha

Sam and dungu li ann. : I survived 30 mins of yadder.

Sam Ivan and Ying : Starting the next generation of worship.

Lynne and Sam : Even though she's dumb, She rocks.