07 April 2010

Beat the system.

You know how when you're 13, you know you're gonna be a rock star one day? that was big time serious for me. I was gonna travel the world in a broken down van with a band and give some sort of message or hope like how Jon Foreman did me. After all, there's got to be a reason why God gave me some form of music ability,no?

I had a couple more dreams,dreams that i honestly thought could become reality. Considered pursuing 'em professionally, going to school for it and all. I was influenced by many films and documentaries on poverty and such. So i thought, "Imma be like those film makers, show the world what's going on and hopefully send a message to the world's hearts like how some did mine." Great plan, no?

Then i learned where i went wrong.

My sis once told me.. "God usually uses us in ways that we can't imagine. Ways that are sometimes not of our initial gifts and talents." So what if you can paint? He's gonna make you paint on the hearts of others. So what if you can play football? He's gonna make you score a goal worth far more than a ball in a net. So what if you can write songs? He's gonna make you teach others to play the lifelong soundtrack He wrote for them.

I can guarantee your new dream will be better than the first. We've gotta let God give us the dream rather than crafting our own. Its through HIM we can do all things, remember?

My sis wanted to be a travel TV host but, God had BIGGER plans. She soon realized there was more to life than running around with a backpack. She's now studying sociology in Australia to one day be able to change and develop the community. I wanted to be a rock star, but there's more to life than shredding solos. Film making? Why make films of the inhuman things that happen in our world when i could be stopping it? I'm now studying business to one day be able to provide economic solutions and thus, destroy poverty along with its never changing mentality.

Dreams are goals. They give purpose. But its important to not let your dreams blind you from reality and by reality, i mean what is going on around you and more importantly, what God is saying. More often than not, there are more important things in life than your dreams. How do you make sure you never go wrong with your dreams? Ask God to make His dreams come true in your life instead of making your dreams His. Heads up, God never paints the whole picture at first. Keep Him central in your life, and that picture will come to view in His perfect timing.

As for me, I've no regrets on my decision to change the world. but thank You Lord for music and movies :)