23 March 2007

Bunnies : good to eat...

Ooo,remember i promised a survival camp post?haha here it is!

well all we did when we got there was test the durability and the waterproofity? of our survival kits. then we just headed out in our patrols to make our shelter. my patrol was me and tjin oni.haha... so we ran around sapu-ing everything first before the girls could get any load of 'em.and yes we tore down the whole forest.haha

One of the many stupid bamboo branches we worked on for an hour?

Our shelter building was uber relaxed. we had all the time in the world to have 10 minute breaks, have fun playing and drinkin or pee-ing in the river. oh and we were given some tasks too like make a spear, collect 5 different kinds of food and errr... make a fire to last the whole night?but we still had all the time in the world.


Testing the comforts of our overnight 6 star hotel.

Fixing the roof

and waterproof-ing it

So by 2pm in the afternoon we finished building our awesome 6 star hotel. and proud of it we were. the rest of the day we spent tring to find our five diff kinds of food. so far we had two, an unriped banana, a mangosteen-like fruit and later on we found some kind of limau? haha. started trying our spear,didn't work the way we wanted it too. at the end of the camp, we made three diff spears. haha... the girls got harder tasks though.. make a snare?a working knife? but they did a pretty good job at it. unlike their shelter. it was quite sad.

At least they were proud of it.

Check it out weih!

We're sitting on a table lashed by some rempits before this.

Then evening came,and so did darren and manesh. manesh joined our patrol cuz yeah, we were the only three guys out of nine people there? so he added his own modifications and extended the shelter so it could fit him too (manesh is loooooooooooooooooong). and the best part came,killing the rabbit tjin named Naeden reuel bunny ( cuz the rabbit was quite dumb). tjin had alot of fun with it. haha.. but it was quite sad lah... cuz it ain't a chicken,its a pet. the girls already had gotten pretty much attached to it so they couldn't bear to look.

Bruang is here!

Like a magic trick. the paws are so cute.haha

Bye wabbit!

So manesh had the very unsympathetic honour of piercing and slitting the neck while me and tjin held the fight-to-the-very-last-end creature. it kept making wailing noises that echoed the whole campsite. manesh kept hessitating the kill.haha... but he did in the end.. blood had been spilled that night. not only by the rabbit which is actually for cmdrs to eat but by fish too. they gave us live catfish and tillapia to kill. we were running out of time cuz it was turning really dark, and the girls were to lazy to catch the fish so they poured the whole bucket of fish out. haha. it was so dark d that me and manesh were cleaning the fish in close to pitch black (no torches remember) darkness. but we pulled it off together with guts and hearts and livers and intestines. tjin was bz preparing the fire. we salted the fish and baked it. unfortunately at 935pm, the two catfish dissapeared ( it burned right through) so we only had the tillapia left to share amongst three of us... Boy,we were hungry ( din have lunch too remember).

Blood had been spilled that night.

Darren and the cmdrs barbecued naeden reuel bunny on a stick over a fire some 50 metres away. finally after 2 long hours at 1030pm, dinner was ready! half of it was cooked but i went and ate everything. the other two mates were apalled at my savagery? half contented, the cmdrs finally shared rabbit with us. Man, it was soooo good. they made stew with it also. the dumbest thing is that the girls decided to become hypocrites... they couldn't resist the temptation! so they ask for some rabbit too... ahahahaha.teruknya. ahh! so then i went once or twice to help the girls with their "fire".they really dunno how to jaga it.

Their faces say it all. haha but look at shawna (if u can find her... akakakakak)

Each of us took turns jaga-ing the fire. most of the time,we weren't in our shelter cuz it was so cold,the fire brings warmth don't it?haha. but we kept a good fire the whole night. and when morning came, all three of us took a snooze.that was a about 6am?daylight is so reassuring.

Cmdrs took the shot quietly. the silver stuff is an emergency blanket.

Shawna likes dressing for training all the time.

So when we got up, it was time to make sure all our tasks have been completed though we were dead tired. we made our third spear,boiled water using tjins tin survival kit and manesh said the shoot of the banana tree can be eaten and so can the flower.meaning,we got 5 edible foods!we thought la. untill testing time came.

A huff and a puff and he stepped our house down!

the part manesh built, pretty much was destryoed from it. then darren took the waterbottle and poured it on our shelter. manesh was bz putting back the leaves that fell off... hahaha.

See the hand holding the leaf?

But our shelter pretty much tahan-ed everything. darren approved 3 out of 5 of our edible foods. the Mangosteen-like fruit and the limau?non edible. he approved our boiled water and he said our third spear was ok.though its not good enough to really kill anything. but i could tell that he thought we did a good job even though he was shouting and yelling at us. haha. then it was the girls turn.

i find this shot so funny. they're all huddling inside and darren is taking his time.

Look at diane's petrified face.ahahaha.

then we(the guys) went fishing. din catch anything though. an hour later,we packed up and left.... dang,can't jump off the waterfall. Then we had a good lunch and headed back to church. all was good untill i found out my mom and my sis got robbed the night before. and the funny thing is, they got robbed the same time we had the best part of our night, RABBIT. so yeah, that sucks.

20 March 2007

Coming to U live...

like joyce did,i shall promote my uth church's rally...so here goes...

HEY PEOPLE!!! don't miss out on the coolest yet event ever had by the uth of Grace Assembly PJ. its gonna be an awesome night of guest performances,Praise and Worship, and everything else that is uber happening. and if i'm correct, T-shirts will be sold there too...

So the details are...

What? - L.I.F.E Rally 07
Where? - Grace Assembly PJ,Main Sanctuary
When? - 31st of March 07,7.30 pm...

k dudes and dudettes, for more details or if u want flyers, don't hesitate to contact me.

Ooo,what a day.

Oh yesterday i came home from that real boring librarian duty after skool in that african/KDU populated RAPIDKL Bus,took a bath and my sis was like... "eh Sam,wanna come futsal later?all the USJ,Klang and CCKL ppl playing". so i called naeden,and yeah,they all gonna be there,so i decided to tag along.

Got there at 8pm,put on my shoes,warmed-up, and went in. not even 10 seconds into play-time, and i scored a goal!!! an own-goal. DANG. ahaha. but anyway, playing with USJ ppl are very different, everyone's chun and fast. i must start playing with them more often. then oni can improve. PJ ppl playing futsal are just borin... haha...

Plyed 2 hours,paid and headed to Asia Cafe. Its like the Ming Tien of Subang. the drinks there are alot more expensive though. and the pan min sucks. So anyway, i only got home at 1am? my sis was fetching and sending all her kawan around.. so no choice. Boy, we were tired. and cold cuz it rained at night.

After a bath, we sat down and had asparagus soup with finger toast and milo the way i like it... Ahhhh... nice and warm. then i went to bed at 2.30am. 4 hours later, the stupid alarm rang and i had the very horrible thought that i have every morning when i get up to face the world, SCHOOL. oh and next thing i know,its 8am and i'm not in skool?alamak... then i had my little self-debate to get up and go ornot cuz apparently,today i am suppose to hand up my PMR projek. but then again,KH period is over d and all the other teachers ain't comin today..

SOooOOoo, i slept in!and guess what?today was also the picture taking day so that means,its another year of me not appearing in my class photo. whoopie!!!

18 March 2007

I had quite a good holiday...

CF camp was awesome weih! games were cool, night rallies were oklah and worship was good. thats already quite good for cf camp. usually darn borin wun.haha... its probably cuz the form six this year all dam fun to hangout with. but my kai fan team din win la,but i'd say we were the most semangat with songs yells and banners and wtv lah.haha... but yeah,i din do the best job as a group leader... aheh aheh.

But aiyoh, din get to hangout much with my friends.most of the time i'm with all the worship team fellas and dunno lah always running around. and i never could have a proper meal without hurrying or eating leftovers.

Generally it was fun.hahahaha... want details?go huiying's blog.i'm too lazy.

K thats done. what have i been doing after i got back from camp? thursday me and ivan went over to chin ying's hse and did our FRIGGIN HARD geo projek. we got 30% of it done.and that took 4 hours? after that, we went to watch pursuit of happiness in huiyings tv room BUT we couldn't find it. dam potong weih. so we watched CRASH instead. its and uber good movie bout racial conflict. MUST WATCH!!!

Friday i did nothing i think. a bit of studying and my kh projek ( stupid drawings).

Saturday i woke up at 2pm? and finished my holiday homework. Then i went for prayer meeting cuz i have to replace tjin hu is suppose to play guitar. after prayer meeting, naeden,colin and I went to the field to teach the girls how to play football CUZ they entering some futsal competition in my church. Not easy teaching them lorr. anyway,then naeden came over my place to stay for the night. We watched heroes, and went for murni's. finally the usj monkey gets to know whats the real pj like.haha. he loved it. we went home at 1am and watched NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM which is dam corny but funny enough for laughter to fill the air. we slept at 3am though.

Next morning or this morning, i was suppose to be in church at 8am for patrol meeting BUT i woke up at 9.30am.dang. shawna called me 6 times trying to get me up. rangers was ok today. we had telematch games instead of the usual captain ball. that was fun. after rangers, the teoh's, the chin's, the lee's,the chan's,the lim's,the selveratnam's and the D'dharan's went to the selveratnam's restoran and had teatime. i had dinner though.haha. it was fun lah.haha.

Kesimpulannya, i had quite a good holiday. tqvm.

Peace out.

11 March 2007

Waste of time?

Last year's CF camp was downright straight borin and a HUGE waste of time. wasted 100 something bucks on 3 days of boredom. Now i'm hoping this year is all different. for now it does seem so. form 6's this year are alot more happening and open minded so my next three days are in their hands. for now, i'm keeping my semangatness up and making sure i'm all ready for 3 days of awesome praise and worship and fun.

Sam : Kaifan hormatt!!!

So in 24 hours time, i'm about to find out if the next 36 hours of my life is gonna go to waste...

Peace out.

05 March 2007

Dear Miss Perfect...

Happy Birthday to you, Shawna Rekshmy D'dharan! and if you're reading this, its been awesome knowing u.

When We were innocent rangers

Saying goodbye to The coolest sisters.

Happy Birthday huiying!

Shawna,green team Paintball leader.. Hormat!!!

Merry Christmas!

03 March 2007

Just like old times...

Those really fun days seem over. playing with mud in the field,hanging out with jia eu,ah long and may wen, playing bike submarine in the really deep park puddles,raiding half built houses,playing FF7 on psone,having a water amusement park when its raining at the playground,cheap thrilling ourselves through insane dog infested back alleys with shit and FIREWORKS!this all was four years ago?

Now that ah long migrate to new zealand and we all oso don have time to have to do ALL OF THE ABOVE BUT,one night can change,errr well... some of that.

Since its just me and jia eu left,we decided to bring the rich kids in - Andrew Paul,SS3 dude.haha friday evening,me and jia eu went to that very innocent looking,1.50 an hour earning,tiny,small photostat shop that is FULL OF WHATEVER FIREWORKS UR MAMA DON WANT U AROUND,the not-so-expensive ones of course, to get the goods (or the bads).spent 20 bucks on it weih. prices now and four years ago are alot different. Hiding 'em in our pockets (jia eu is police-paranoid) and walking through our humble neighbourhood, planning ways of freaking andrew out later (when he comes,that is) and we arrive at jia eu's hse to watch ACE VENTURA.friggin' funny.

We told andrew to meet us at secret recipe at 815pm. We had no idea a new secret recipe has poped out of nowhere a week ago all the way on the other side of SS2. miscommunication alot of credit wasted and pissed off me and jia eu but we found him.

Went back to jia eu's hse,grabbed the goods and left skipping and singing Tra-la-la-la-la ( nahh...just andrew) to the field filled with memories. had so much fun shooting rockets at each other (nola,andrews mom would kill him and jia eu was freakin out), throwing dragon eggs in the sky and WAAAHHH-ING to it. we oso gave andrew a short tour of those historic good ol' days on the field. then we had the "closing ceremony" with the chunnest mercun.shoots up,bangs in to so many colours and floats down together with a parachute ( God knows how much that costs).

Then on the way to go makan, got one Damsel in Distress ( no,not really... a bit to old) speaking mandarin to us bananas. she said got one indian guy kacauing her maid from the back alley of the house( at times like this,i'm 100% Chinese) .then jia eu so semangat go take sticks find the fella ( tentu,he run away d kan)]. i was just thinkin bout mah DINNER ( it was 1030pm). as expected, didn't find the fella la.

Decided to go pelita's instead of murni's. had murtabak daging,joked and laughed,paid the bill and headed for steamboat. makan summore and andrew's mom came to pick him (or it) up. then me and jia eu went for some tau foo fa. it was okok oni.the best is still the one at Dj.then we both went home Contented.

So at least we got to continue the fun we've been having for years.hanging out with mah neighbours always rocked. next up,kai fan with li ann.haha.