30 September 2007

Pressure dei.

It's just a few more hours before i take my 1st paper. man, i can't wait. i can
almost taste freedom. just 5 more friggin days and my whole middle school life is done and over. how nice is that? while i take these papers, i shall learn to appreciate them. cuz they are wayyy easier than whatever i'm gonna get next year. and plus, there ain't gonna be an objective paper for us in SPM. so whattheheck eh?haha. what am i gonna do after pmr?probably hangout with Naeden, eat banana leaf, dye my hair, go skating,fix my guitar, and oh, climb Kinabalu. thats just in 2 weeks time btw. its gonna be sooo fun. we're going snorkling at pulau manukan there too. according to terence,that place is real good. so yeah, hope for the best. all the best to everyone else who are taking their papers. God Bless!

28 September 2007

Midnight Hour.

i'm addicted to this song now. its gonna be ringing in my head throughout pmr i tell you.
Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me,they long to be
Close to you.

Why do stars fall from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me,they long to be
Close to you.
Heyyyy Ogawa, close to you.=)

Actually i dunno who sang the original.but he or she sure got my fingers snapping..

I'm Running away,i'm leaving this place..

21 September 2007

Within Temptation.

Time is passing extremely slowly. we're all waiting for PMR but it ain't cumin weih. still got 1 whole week more. everyday all i do is study. i need a life. Usually in the movies, people turn to drugs, alchohol or whatever. but in my case, i've been getting pretty high on Who's Line isit anyway?Man, that show cracks me up. i fall of the chair watching it, kicking my legs,etc. its something to get rid of all the study brainwaves for a few seconds.

20 September 2007

Case open,case shut.

Reading and looking through my blog archives just made me realize.
i was a really LAME blogger.

16 September 2007

Purely expected.

Today is sunday.. i went to nuang for a hike [yes, lolo] but i'll blog bout that when i get pics. but where was i?Today is sunday.. means tommorow is monday.. means.. House is back tommorow! wohoo! finally after waiting cuz i am too lazy to ask people to burn eps for me, its back on AXN tommorow at 8pm.

Wow, what a contrast.

Man, Hugh Laurie is one damn good actor. his dry humour gets a grandma's legs kickin'. and i find the amusement in House's colleagues darn funny. they're so used to him d.hahaha. For some reason though, the story is getting pretty corny and out of place. well, season 3 will reveal it all eh?

oh, and one more thing..

Heroes is back in 8 days time! if i'm correct.

and hurrah! soph is home!

14 September 2007


Finally got the rally pics from yen. and i stole the shots i took from janielle's blog d. sooo, here's what i took and what others took of me.ahahahaha.

and his guitar.
Justin's shoes.[he kept moving about so i couldn't get a nice one.]
Brandon.[i find this pretty nice.]
The hyped.
I have a shot of this dude at the cf rally in may.
I think that's justin Low's DSLR.
Caught in the act.

Joni's right la. Naevean was the show stealer.
Thomas.[alamak. should have stood back abit.]
The speaker, David Poh.[this dude is about my age. he's hilarious.]
I'm guessing Sophina told him to smile.haha.
Hello Janielle.
OO i love this shot.[zoe was wearing black eye shadow, white earrings,white shirt,and obviously,has black hair. perfect for a black and white shot.haha]
Janielle's Cam.
Zoe Sam.
Thank you, you two for letting me fiddle with ur cameras. i will remember to charge my batteries next time.haha.[yer, yen, u look damn old.]

10 September 2007

The Unexpected.

The Homeschoolers really suprised everyone with their rally. everyone thought the whole thing was gonna be a huge failure cuz ya know,they're homeschoolers.haha. but it was pretty good for a first. they didn't have that many present there. oni about 80 people came.and the other half were the army of unneccesary ushers. So i thought it ain't worth bringing my camera along for some borin rally,and i forgot to charge up the batteries. when i got there, i regretted. but, i still had Janielle's and Yen's camera to play with. man i had so much fun with it. especially janielle's.

I so happened to be wearing my nikon shirt.[thats yen's Digital Ixus 70]

yen just got his camera last week. he chose the right one.its almost as good as mine.haha. i might post up a few shots i took that night later on when i get the pics from yen, but we shall see. in the mean time,the rest of the pics are on janielle's blog.

well, that was for friday night. Saturday i didn't do anything and sunday was cookerama with the rangers. We screwed up our chicken so i doubt we'd win. I'm lazy to talk bout that. it was Sarah's 20th bday that day, so at night our family went to TGIF at the Curve to celebrate. O,we sure did fill our tummies with good food. and we ate alot. the waiter really loved my dad.hahaha. we had alot of fun. but my dad didn't bring the camera, so yeah. the bill came up to 200+.ahahaha. after that we walked about,gave a tour for my dad cuz he's never been there before.ahahaha.Brands Outlet had really cheap good clothes there that i wanted to get, but my dad said no.why?i oso dunno.haih.

Enough about that..

Shawna is back from Perlis. but shes sick and she still has to sit for her trial papers and soph is cumin back in 5 days.whee!

and my sis is now,friggin' old. no longer a teenager d.haha.

Fair enough.

Today this conversation suddenly popped up while Sarah and I were walking home from the balai polis.[her bag got stolen,AGAIN.]

Sarah : Why do they always say fair and square and not fair and round?

Sam : whatheheck?darn random dei.

Sarah : haha, no but u see, don't u think round is fairer than square?

Sam : but all sides of the square are equal,fair.

Sarah : but what if there are 7 people?then it can't be fair if its square. but if its round, everyone can fill up the circumference of the circle.

Sam : hmm.. u've got a point.

Sarah : haha, mom was right la,today is really a nonesense day.

... and we walked off.

So yess, these are the kinds of conversations me and sarah have when zoe ain't around. when zoe's around, its just pure laughter or "Sam, ur such a nut lar dei.."

06 September 2007

i'm a sitting duck.

The lee's flew off today. i couldn't follow the chins to send 'em off cuz i had a dumb art paper which my mom didn't let me drop. i really wanted to see hosanna and ben for the last time. i'm really really gonna miss their family. for years it has always been the Lee's,the Chin's and The Lim's. now its just the Lim's and the Chin's. but anyway, hurray for them, they're escaping this doomed country for greater things ahead in Abu Dhabi, Emirates. what a life they're gonna have there. one day i shall be leaving to melbourne, and as much as i'd miss the company here, no regrets shifting.

well, this post is dedicated to the lee's, particularly, hosanna, who i've known since i was 10 or 11. Thanks loads for being awesome. Grow up to be the hot chick that God has meant u to be.bring a dude back and make sure he ain't chinese k.ahahahaha. God Bless!
k off to emo.[AHAHAHA,kidding.]

05 September 2007

Crash the suite.

After Sunday, everyone still wanted to go see the lee's before they fly off. So the chins and the lims decided to pay a visit to Le Meridian & Hilton KL where the lee's were staying. O man, 6 star hotels rock. and we felt sooooo under-dressed.haha. the pool was awesome weih. and again, i'm still lazy to write about anything sooo...

Supermom's Supermobile.

There was even a harpist in the lobby.

Me and zech blew out a few candles.haha.
The Suite
The pool view from the suite.
The slide wasn't fun enough for us,so we modified the ride.
Babi, zech stole my pose![which i stole from jerrard.haha]
I thought frontflips were cooler than chicken jumps.
The chillex gang.
Lee's, Chin's,Lim's.[and a thong.AHAHAHA.]
The pool at night.
the suite has a huge window with an incredible city scape view.
And Mcd's at KL sentral for dinner.

04 September 2007

A milestone.

On sunday, the adults had the family farewell party for the lee's. which is their 5th farewell i think. hahaha. it was in cmdr bee kum's hse. man, the house rocks weih. giler huge and the deco and furniture is awesome. i'm lazy to write anything so..

Living room.

Coffee Table Deco.

The Chat.

The Uncles.
The lamo's.
The Petrified.[well, almost.]
The Ultimate Poser [our favourite supermom.]
My Supermom.
The Noble Host.
The Emotionless.
Lee's Supermom.
The Curious [ don't worry, its a toy.]
The Gangster.
Nat Ho.
The Boss.
The afternoon session gossipers.
Ashley and Vanny
Zech felt like a pro after he took this shot.haha.
The Youthful bunch.