31 July 2008


Watching a ball being tossed about on tv with 22 men chasing it has always been entertaining for me. well entertaining enough for me to start yelling at the screen, that is. but i've never actually been in the tv, in other words, the real atmosphere of the game. just never crossed my mind to buy a ticket to a football match. So when Chelsea came, i took the opportunity to breathe in the giler bola air. fortunately enough, i had a sausage company to fest with at the match[ahahaha]. and we even bumped into klanggg.

Shah alam in all its "glory"

As for the match itself, it was pretty darn disappointing.i paid 53 bucks to watch one of the greatest football clubs in the world, kick around a ball. and the game was slowwww. but i have to say, although malaysia didn't really have a plan other than DEFEND LIKE MAD, they didn't a pretty impressive job. a few opportunities were created, and many shots amazingly saved by our star keeper. I went to this game neutral. but a few minutes later, my patriotism spirit started kicking in or, i just when football crazy, we all did.

Check out the blue sea behind.

when the first goal was scored by chelsea, i got the shock of my life. the stadium went nuts, and i mean HAPPY NUTS. babi, they were all friggin supporting chelsea. WHATHECRAP!. it must be sucky for the malaysian team to play against a world class team, but even suckier to watch their own blood turn against them[darn drama kan?]. its just not done i tell u. haha.

"Patah Kaki dia!!" yelled yu tjin. "tolak depannnn!!" yelled yen. and manesh was the funniest.. "apalu buatt?! kasi dia nangis mintak nenek dia! adik saya pun boleh buat!" i'd say we were all insane. INSANE. and we tried raising a chorus of malaysia spirit with Ol'e Ol'e Ol'e, but malay buggers all seemed more interested in watching chelsea bring malaysia to their knees.

and before we knew it, the match was over. and we were caught in a jam outside the stadium for the next two hours. baaaaabi.

Malaysia boleh!mati

28 July 2008

Ahhh! my eyes!!!

Tan yilin and i probably have the most complicated relationship. she's an ass to me, and i'm an ass to her. but at the end of the day, we still get along pretty well. especially when both her and i share the common interest of music. and also that we so happen to be in the same circle of friends. hahahaha.

So anyway,without further or do, i once again wish u,tanyilin, a very merry sixteenth. may ur days be merry. and good luck finding a husband. ahahahaha.

5 days more to mtv!

26 July 2008

More than a good movie.

My fingers have been itching, my brain spinning, my thoughts distracted. i've been waiting to blog about this one. wednesday night, i finally watch The Dark Knight. i went into the cinemas thinking "oh,this is gonna be so cool, watching a dude in a bat costume running around at night beating up bad guys". but halfway through the movie, it became more than just a cool movie. it got me thinking,and thinking,and thinking. after it ended , i was just stoned in my seat. to describe how i felt after the show ended would be impossible. i had mixed emotions.

It was half,the story and half, the characters that really got me thinking. there were so many elements to the story and characters that draw questions about life,about chaos,about evil and about patriotism. Batman or bruce wayne is a character i really respect. its amazing how he just gave up his identity and the reputation he's built for himself all the whole time as batman just so his city would have hope of being free of corruption. WHOTHEHECK WOULD DO THAT?!

Then there is The joker. heck, he was the most amazing character in the movie. heath ledger nailed it 300%. Since young, i've always hated the joker, partly because i hated clowns but it was more the character's personality and the twist in his mind. freaked me out like hell and it still does. to think that every step of the way in his ultimate goal of bringing down Gotham city and to see the world burn and turn against each other, it wasn't plan at all. he went with the flow.and how he brought the citizens in to destroy each other on the ferry was another example of how chaotic he wanted things to be. its not like the joker has any superpowers like all other comic book villains,his mind is a superpower altogether already. for those who have watched the movie already, u'd remember that batman and the detective said the joker almost won the game of destroying the hopes of gotham city becoming a corruption less city. thats right, HE ALMOST WON. he alone went against a whole army of swat teams, police, politicians and even batman and almost succeeded if batman didn't give up his identity to cover Harvey dent's reputation. The joker can go down in the books as the most evil villain ever existed in the history of comics. a single twisted mind, can bring a whole city to its knees. think about that for a second.

As his time drew nearer to the end, the joker made sure he continued his game with harvey dent. he planned to kill the hero in harvey dent and bring out the monster within. there is nothing more sad then seeing a hero fall. and what they said in the movie is true. Become too much of a hero, u turn into a villain. thats also one of the reasons why batman gave up his identity. he knew his time would be over soon, and hoped that harvey would continue his legacy.

It was all these elements of the story that have been spinning in my head for the past few days. i'm definitely gonna watch this a second time to understand the story more.

Now, about heath ledger. we all know about his unfortunate death and his apparent cause of death which is accidental overdose on drugs or accidental prescription of drug dosage. but i think what really killed him is something extremely sad that had its advantages in the movie. I think its the joker that killed heath ledger. how, u ask? remember how evil the jokers character is? the only way heath ledger could have did an incredible job as the joker is because he made himself the joker.he got himself into the joker's character. in one of his interviews, he's said that even on off days, he'd go to the set and become the joker. his fictional character was taking over him. and it took a toll on his sleep and thoughts. that is why he dosed himself with too much sleeping pills. in other words, his death was unintentional suicide. this makes me hate and be awed at the joker's character even more. this whole theory may sound ridiculous, but its definitely possible. and scary too. its really darn sad. its almost like saying he gave up his life for his career and to do a story that would impact the lives of people all over the world like me. now that is sacrifice. and for that i give my utmost respect to Mr. Heath Andrew Ledger for doing a superb job.

He's a legend.

we need more movies like these nowadays.

21 July 2008

the day started good, it ended awesome.

know what?i'm too lazy to blog about everything that happened on saturday. all i know is my group got almost last for treasure quest and the rest, u can go to yilin's bloggie. she's got everything there. hahaha.
the minute we went crazy.

20 July 2008

headbanging hangover.

and they moshed, and flung their limbs in all directions, and were nearly the biggest jacks around..

but it friggin paid off because..


more to come..

18 July 2008

Pots of Gold.

tommorow's showdown :


Slow dancing.

attention rockers who are getting tired of rocking all the time...

go check out athlete.

yes its a band with awesome quiet music.

09 July 2008

Always a first...

Its been a while since I've had two days of total infinite freedom. my dad is in India, Sarah's in Bali, mom and Zoe are in Singapore and i, have a date with my sexay comp. and some books of course.

To kick start this very appreciated privilege of mine, i decided to watch Mukhsin. local film with very good reviews. turned out to be pretty awesome. darn cute. and darn funny too. its a good story with impressive cinematography considering they shot everything in a span of only 12 days. these are the things we can be proud of Malaysia for. next up, I'm gonna check out Sepi.

02 July 2008

meet the three hottest chicks i hangout with. ;)

& life begins at the intersection.

When would the right time to try out new things be? and which way shall we go to do so?how do we tell when its time to change tracks in life? always worrying about the risks or problems awaiting at the end of each track. but then again, whats life without risks? so do we take risks only for thrills? or does it mean that there is a purpose at the end of the other track.

Surprise to find,we actually live life pretty blindly. unless some genius knows which tracks to take to get to his destination in life. I'd say that's almost impossible. once again, an intersection starts a new life. and it takes faith to pull the track lever,and that's what i need to do right now.

some people leap,

and pray to God they'll fly.

he shoots,he scores!

We feel cheated of our money. paid damn a lot for a new comp to laggggg and internet to suckkkk. nevertheless, i've been filling my sit-around-and-do-nothing time with every damn game i never had growing up. hahahahaha. well, not all of course. but FIFA 08, ROCKSSS. i remember in form 2, xiong and yen used to talk about fifa every moment in skool.i was left outtttt. gosh, i seriously never thought this day would come. thank You Lord!!!

anyhow, i managed to bag a pathetic average for exams. freaking 57. and i only got 3 A's. i'm sooo screwed. and JARED LETO is hosting MTV awards! i need a tickettttt... haha damn gay. but 30seconds rocks.