30 May 2008

What direction?

Sometimes i always forget that my life is in God's hands. we try to make sure we get the best education, work hard and be successful. but what does it really mean to be successful? some people think success is when u have a job that u don't necessary like but has a good pay, a nice car and house. others think its whatever they dream to be. but some don't even dream because they know God has his timing and will make us be whatever we're called to be.

I think its awesome that we are reminded of who we are and who takes care of us. we don't need to worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry for itself. imagine that for a second, its an extremely huge blessing, don't u think?. then it draws the question, are we gonna choose our direction in life, or are we gonna wait for His plans to be revealed to us. i can guarantee that whatever life He's chosen for us, we are gonna be happy in. Jeremiah 29:11 people, don't forget.

what direction?life begins at the intersection.

Photo taken by joshie-porgy.flickr.

26 May 2008

Sunsets & Sketches.

Cuz i'm leaving on a jetplane
Don't know when i'll be back again.

i which i could sing that.now.
i'm a friggin sittin' duck.

22 May 2008

Looks like i don't have to cut my hair myself.
Cook is the man!

18 May 2008


If he doesn't win, i'm cutting my own hair again.

There is a possibility of him not winning. not because he ain't as good as archuleta[i mean c'mon, he is currently my 2nd favourite rocker just behind jon foreman]but because all the friggin american chicks will send in a dozen votes each for archuleta cuz he's whatever they like about him. sometimes i think america kinda sucks. the usual case is sucky people outnumber the ones who know who deserves the title more.

On my personal view, i reaaaallly like Cook cuz of his originality and creativity. his arrangements are top class,being able to turn almost any piece to the way it suits him best.he's an awesome musician. and because he's a rocker, i add another 100 points for him. archuleta has a good voice,and thats it. he ain't someone i'd idolize. take for example, why the heck did he sing With You? stupid decision. an america is even worse to say that it was good performance. whatheheck laaa. and thats why i reaally respect this dude...

He is the only thing that is keeping AI together. randy and paula keep giving good comments to people who suck. simon knows the objective of this show,and thats to find someone outstanding, not someone with a good voice. a million people in this world have good voices laaa.notice at the end of every performance, its only simon's opinion that really counts to the contestants? and plus, simon is darn funny. hahaha. he's definately rooting for Cook.

&Cook and Cowell wins the night.

10 May 2008

This is home.

I still can't get over switchfoot. they were soooo awesome. 8tv did a 1 hour program on their stay in kl. and they taped and aired part of their concert. go http://www.youtube.com/user/LandofBrokenHearts for the rest of the concert and specials. here's what i say was the best part of the whole night. for those who didn't go, this is what u missed out on. haha.

They also did a song for prince caspian.

KL was their last stop on their international tour, and they said they gave their best performance here, and that kl was the best crowd out of the 5 countries they went to. wohoo!! so they really actually do love us. it ain't fake.

I spent 2 hours watching the 8tv films of them here. they really are one of the biggest blessings to me and the whole world. best rock band from every aspect in the world. no doubts bout that.

08 May 2008

Equal opposite reaction.

U know how we always get the feeling that things are hard and we sound stupid cuz we know its all part of life? i'm having that one now. i might not be some straight A's student, but failing is uncalled for. FORM 4 SUCKSSS!!!.

I'm not even halfway through my exams and i feel like crap. to me, failing is ok the first time,but thats only if u don't pay for tuition. i've really gotta pass my add math and at least get an A2 for physics. mom has invested in it. and i could be using the money for something else. I also have a massive headache and constantly feel like piuking. it sucks. can't wait for camporama. its gonna be a good holiday.

on a lighter note, i'm gonna catch this 2mrw...

Boys day out.ahahaha

01 May 2008

Factory Outlet Sam.

Hey, sup people! this june there's gonna be a huge event down in Singapore that i'll be going for. Its the SINGAPORE CAMPORAMA 2008. its gonna be sooo awesome. now, all i need is a little help from u guys, YES,U TOO the one in the bathtub, to get me down there with some financial aid. i'll be selling Tshirts from last years Selangor#7 Treasure Quest over the next month for RM15 per piece[or i could give you a buy one for rm30, get one for free deal]Currently i only have two sizes, Medium and Small. i'll try and get hold of a Large or an Xtra Large if u need one. but generally, the Medium is pretty fitting. It only comes in one colour, thats green. So if u guys want one, leave me a msg in my chatbox, or for those of you who know my number, give me a buzz. [for all you rangers out there, bear in mind, its gonna be a collectable someday. haha]

Its Hip..

Its hop..

Its fun..


Its you!!

My amateur promo video. [go easy,first time k.haha]

Big thanks to my sister zoe for modelling and promo-ing. haha.

note : all while stocks last. [i oni have 6-10 shirts]