29 November 2007

Secrets reveiled.

I've always wondered how people find good books or know what book is good. its alot more different than finding good music, which is obviously so much more easier. it takes skill, some say, while others simply pig out on what their friends read and have an awesome time. know what tjin does? he looks for the books that have that capital bold sentence, "NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER". wow, i never knew that crap was true. cuz i borrowed one of his books that have that on its cover which he himself recommended to me. and guess what?

I'm hooked.

they definately knew, blood was spilled..

27 November 2007

Make it LOUD.

Have u seen my latest gadget? damn, its awesome. finally! a good mp3 player. It changes songs pretty fast. organizes songs according to artists. shuffle and playback modes. and best of all, u can customize your own equalizers. that way, i can turn the bass way up. i'm extremely happy.


and the bass keeps running..

22 November 2007

Allah rakhmat.

Working with kids is awesome. i had sooo much fun at vacation bible school. being the team leader, it was sure hectic, my group was driving me mad, but it was all worth it. i had marcus pee's brother in my group too, elijah. and he is dammmn cute. i took like 500 pics over the 3 days there, and a quarter of it are of elijah. I got to know a lot of people at USJ church too.

Setting up the tent.

Eunice's "argh, i lost" face.

My team.

The pizza boxes game.

Arts and crafts.

Love birds.

Who u looking at!

Butterfly game.

Lunch time.

Game props.

Kalai,the naughty one.


Bee crew.

Devotion time.

Picnic place.

Smile everyone!

12 year old chicks are a lil' too old.

The quiet chick.

Prize giving.

Balloon games.

Mr. Wig

Guess who.


Take picture of me!

Welcome to the ELIJAH section.

All ends well =)

20 November 2007


Everyone is always busy. especially when ur life damn happenin wun. So while we could, we took the chance to have a decent dinner at a decent place. what did we finalize on? TGIF sucks. guess what's the best in town currently. Tony Roma's is the place to go weih. especially when u have an awesome waitress that so happens to be a friend of yours serving you. Charmaine, u rock.

The food is damnnnnn good. for daamnnn cheap. water is free, and refillable. they give bread and a whole range of awesome sauces. an according to charmaine, its a good place to work too.
i had a burger for 20 bucks, an i was full halfway eating it d.

so lets all boycott TGIF..

16 November 2007

13 November 2007

Load of shit.

This is the patriotic side of me. watching these,made me damn pissed. and i wish i was there.

So wrong.

I'm super not happy, and neither is the rest of the world. rules are rules, mr. wannabe. u don't steal ideas from other people and use it dude. its undignified man. especially when you're designing a shirt for 200 camp participants, let alone, a YOUTH CAMP, my youth camp, gy camp.
Whoever reads this,and ain't happy that i posted this, well, i'm doing whats right.! why?because i support FOLLOWING RULES. i hope some klang, pj or usj ppl see this.

07 November 2007

blown away.

Dumc's FCS event was the bomb. it was sooo impressive. man, God knows how they ever managed to organize an event so huge and fun. there were games, hairsprays, prizes to be won, band performances, food, everything weih. and their concert was good.

I really have to hand it to them la, u guys did an awesome job. an estimated 600 people were there of which almost half responded to alter call. would u believe it?thats what i call success. and this is siu fai, a proud ex-member of my school, the dude the holds a big part in their youth, basically holding everything together.

U guys rock!