29 July 2007

We look like TGIF waiters.

Last Saturday was Leo installation. finally after 7 months weih.nothing much happen except IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS. everything was done on time and the drinks that i was put in charge of went superb thanks to melvin who didn't listen to what i told him to do. haha. i asked him to buy orange or mango cordial,he asked his mom for some recipe he calls erh i forgot. its got Sunquick Rasberry cordial,a whole lot of F&N ice cream soda,water and ice. everyone loved it. We even decided to sell it for hari kantin thats coming in 2 weeks time. So now melvin, the real quiet guy in leo is one of the most famous persons now.ahahahaha,and he loves it.
Our CF sang a song or two for a presentation. they were gooooood. i was suppose to play with them but i gave it to Mike J, our damn good guitarist to do the job since i already had the SosRally to handle. They sang Game of Love by Santana and Michelle Branch. it was awesome. Ivan played the bongo's with 'em too. and Mike J was out of this world.But when he plays,he muka stone wun.ahahahaha.
So, i was last minute also put under Security but i managed to run around grabbing some pics and videos. Some of the pics are real bad cuz i was in a hurry[had 2 jobs to handle] and all the videos suck cuz i just suck at taking videos.hahaha. i wish i caught mike J's solo on video weih.that was awesome.and i have i told u?i fell in love with his guitar.[man, why does everyone have an epiphone?]

The VIP's from the Lions Club.

Melvin and the other Form 3's.

Sun was Emcee-ing the event [ see what i mean by bad shots?]

And the dorks came along too.Librarians.
The backdrop was real boring though.
Its dam hard to get lynne to pose weih.
Li ann and Acap.
BoD's being installed.

Hustle and
Bustle Outside.
View from backstage.
Su Faye giving her last words as President.
Celine's hair is darn cool. Lisa Ushering in distance.
Interacters.[i asked kwok hsien to pose,and he gave me this.]
"Huiying! Smile!"
"Sun! Smile!"[ahahahaha so annoying].
Fooooooood.[not for us though]
Security Chillexing
Ranee was dam hot that day.[doing some fashion show later on.]
Hmm i like this.Subject : Woon.
Jerrard was part of the skit.[i asked him to pose,and he gave me some emo pose.]
Then i zoomed in on Nick, and he was emo-ing too.
The band. Christine sang dam good that day too.
Kel Vin on the acoustics.
Mike J.[Nearly got the focusing right.]
Mike J again.
and his glorious pedal.
Ivan doing his thanggg.
Then was the afterparty...
Sun and Acap.
Melvin and Sam.
Sam and Melinda.
The Hot Chicks.[minus the one on the right.AHAHAHAHA.kidding,lynne.]
The more innocent chicks.haha.
Lynne and Sam.[it was a bday that day.and I GAVE HER A PRESENT.fancy that.]
Esther and Sam.
The best buds. Huiying Sam and Ivan.
What a Success.[and ivan looks soooooooo cute.ahahaha]

A lil' addictive.

check this out weih. they're starting to make fun of underground music d.ahahahaha. and below, is our favourite video of one of the world's dam good guitarists from south korea[who looks like a science geek] playing the hit classical by pachelbel. and below that,is this stand up comedian who rants about it.i've been youtube-ing quite often nowadays cuz it suddenly loads dam fast on my comp. enjoy...

peace out.

26 July 2007

Impact?its what they call it.

k this is a bunch of videos from my favourite bands. all three of 'em happen to be christian.ahahahaha. but they try appearing secular to everyone. u shud go see their lyrics.one thing's for sure, they have some real good music. every year they come together with other "secular" appearing christian bands and have a concert called the cornerstone festival. pretty cool stuff. i guess the malaysian version would be AYA fest here,which i went for the first!ahahahaha.

Some of these videos are from cornerstone,some are just live concerts,some are MTV vids. but they're all cool.been looking around youtube to find the best sounding one since there are giler alot of people who have lousy sound quality in their camera when they're video-ing concerts.

So,with out much further ado... welcome to my music world.

Switchfoot - The Awakening.

Switchfoot - The Awakening[live]

Relient K - Who I Am Hates Who I've Been

Relient K - The Best Thing

Relient K - The one i'm waiting for[live][this is one of my favourite songs.]

Relient K - Must Have Done Something Right[this one is for lynne,huiying and liann since they love it so much.haha]

And finally,the best...

Anberlin - The Paparthin Hymn.

Anberlin - The Paperthin Hymn[live]. Check out the mic and guitar swing weih!

Anberlin - Godspeed

Anberlin - Godspeed[live]. this kinda sucks,but nvm.

Anberlin - Dismantle.Repair [live] this song is real good.go download it.

well,these kind of bands are those that really try to change the world through their music. Christian values are written all over their lyrics.[though once or twice they put crap in.haha]so its cool la weih. and its good music.real good.

20 July 2007

Waiting for my own...

Since i'm waiting for the pics to blog about the rally, i think i shall talk about the guitar i used to play for the worship at the rally. How'd i get the guitar? this dude from DJ,was suppose to be our worship leader, but he bailed out. He has an Ibanez at home which he hardly plays so i asked him if he could contribute at least a bit to the rally and lend me a guitar cuz mine is under repair.when Jeremy[the drummer] passed the guitar to me, i got the shock of my life. ITS FREAKIN AWESOME!!! u shud hear the sound. perfect for a delirious? song.ahahahaha.

well i instantly fell in love with the guitar and took a whole bunch of pics of it after the rally.i even asked jeremy if i could keep it for a week.wohoo!!! the bridges are all custom in their own way. i've never seen it before. and man, the fretboard design is awesome. the guitar is in one piece btw,meaning that the neck isn't attached to the body by glue.haha.before the rally, i spent an hour polishing it. but after the rally, it got all smudged again.

I can see my face on it too.

The uber cool fretboard [ i couldn't get the right sharpness.i was in a hurry anyway.]

3 knobs and one pick-up toggle switch[ but i got this one right]

4 duncan pick-ups, 2 at the bridge and 2 at the neck.

See the nut on the input jack?my guitar is missing that.

And the custom bridging.

Check out the finish design weih!

The potong thing is the guitar don have a tremolo slot so i kenot do all the "WaaA-Oooo-WaAa-OooO" effects. but the sound,aiyoh the sound, ada class weih. the strings aren't good,but that don't matter cuz can change wun. actually i really dunno why i'm blogging this. not like any of u will take interest.ahahahahaha.
Lord, i pray that u will provide an effects pedal and mayb one day a guitar like this for me. i think i shall say thank You for it in advance. =).

Rooftops,Stars and emo spots.

Hmm... that day i was bored. so i decided to climb onto my roof. and i brought my camera with me. it was about 7 in the evening i think.[man studying can be such a bore]. i never usually did go up on the roof last time. i guess i always thought i ain't tall enough to climb[since my older sis always went up there]. but now i am =). My sis doesn't like me going there.why? cuz she says its her emo spot and she dowan other people there.ahahahahaha.

The clouds looked like it was gonna eat me up.

But it cleared later and there was a nice sunset.

and suddenly,the moon was there.
Going up the roof made me realize the whole street has astro.
Then my younger sis came back from skool. and she said, " hey what u doing on the roof?! i wanna climb oso!".then she said, " eh sam,u know u no need climb from outside,u can just walk out from my window."[danggg, but climbing is fun.hahaha] . Then we took a whole bunch of pics.
and i finally get to pose on the roof.
Hmm, i like this one.its a bit blurr though.
She tried taking one too. but i think my pose ruined it.ahahaha
My sis waited for a car to come by so she could take this.
But i like this the best.Simple and nice.
I think i spent about an hour on the roof. i think i'm gonna start doing this everyday. and the best part is, no one notices.whee!!!but too bad the city don't have stars or i'd be spending nights there.ahahaha.[but the place dam dirty weih]