30 November 2008

Deck my halls.

Christmas is getting nearer and nearer! gosh, i really can't wait. now i'm just deciding whether i should stay in for christmas, or go down south to singapore. Usually i'd go church for christmas eve service and exchange presents. but now i takda family to go with cuz they're all in CCKL.

So yea, it would be nice to see this again. after a real long while.

26 November 2008

May Angels Lead You In.

If i were being totally honest, i would say i'm sooooo envious of those whom God gave the chance to see His angels or His home. and i've never understood why the opportunity is only given to some people.

Just yesterday, someone told me she saw angels. that is freaaaaaking cool. As a kid, i've always wondered what angels look like. do they have a human face?how big are their wings?or do they even have wings. hahaha. basically i was comparing the concept to the drawings in the beginner's bible.

As for myself, i reaaaallly want to go to heaven. Just for a short visit, maybe a day or two. and hopefully would still have the will to come back to our messed up world.

Almost there.

My sis found this girl online, she's an artist. a major prodigy. she said gets her inspirations from God. She's a miracle. i can't remember what her name was, or how to find her paintings, but when we were in kindergarten, struggling to draw a perfect sun, She was taking visits to heaven when she was what, 7? and she painted it. it is soooo beautiful.

Last year, i got the chance to see a small glimpse of how beautiful heaven would probably be. It was on the peak of mt. kinabalu, 545 in the morning. truly breath-taking. For all those who've heard my grandad story about my trip to kinabalu, this is why its such a big deal...

Donkey ears peak. i recommend everyone to see this at least once.

Nevertheless, i still do believe the day will come when God will show me something cooler, hopefully, a trip to heaven. and a walk in the park with Him. maybe even dinner with Him too.If not, i'll just wait to the end of my wonderful happy life to see it.

Its worth the wait.

Photo credits to janielle beh and Eunice Peh.

23 November 2008

This week the trend.

So why have I been so busy over the holidays?
Have i started a new hobby?
Drowning in my books?


I've been having great fun with kids!

For all those who've never heard of VBS, its Vacation Bible School. that means, When the kids have school holidays, they come to one place for 3 days, and learn bout stuff in the bible. I went for it quite a few times when i was a kid. since i'm big big now, i'm the helper or teacher. haha

Last year, i helped out in the VBS in USJ. i did blog about it.

It was called bug safari.

And i had my favorites too.

This year, Its called THE GENESIS ADVENTURE.

We did pretty cool things for 'em kids. UV light presentations of the creations, drama's with freaking awesome effects, and puppetry .

Actually truth be told, i only wanted to show u guys the photos. hahahhaa, and my favorite for this year..

Ladies and gents, meet..

Joseph Yip and Brandon Goh.

He's 7, and He's 6.

And thats his favorite key.

And thats renee. the one who can drive now. haha.

And this is GEN 2, the awesomest team.

Then came the shirt conteng part.

And for all the Taman sea fellas, this is Shawna's sister,Shaina. hahahaha.

And i also bumped into Soph, who so happened to be helping out. i haven't seen her in ages. or it sure does feel like it.


19 November 2008

A Guide to marine life.

Lord, You are amazing. All that You've done, all You've created is truly indescribable.

I'm gonna see that one day.

16 November 2008

Joy to my world.

Christmas is here!

Christmas, a time to celebrate life, a time to love, a time to remember Him who first loved us. This is no doubt the best holiday of the year. its even better than celebrating my own birthday. Christmas for me is a time to appreciate the ones u love, the ones you've been through thick and thin with. Most of all, its the celebration of the birth of my best friend.

Today i got myself a Christmas present. Relient K's Let it snow baby... Let it reindeer. its my favourite Christmas album. the bestest in the wooorrrrllldddd.

So how do i celebrate Christmas?

well first of all, the month usually starts off with mission trip. Imma going Thailand! wohoo! we're gonna build fish ponds, paint buildings, do a few mimes, clown, sing Christmas Carols. yeah, then when thats done, i've got youth camp. and the best part comes, RANGERS CAROLING! we're the best in the world i tell u. hahahaha.

I like walking around shopping malls in the Christmas season. its the only time i love going to malls. Its always full of decorations and performances. i'll go to Ikea and have a few meatballs, read a book or two while again, listening to relient K's christmas album.

When i'm bored at home, i'd go to flickr, and search for Christmas photos. the ones i like, i save and blog it. hahaha. yea i know its pathetic, but we have no snow or much of christmas deco in our country.

Why do i like Christmas soooo verryyy much?

Its soooo full of colour. compared to other celebrations. and to be honest, christmas carols sound so much better than "selamat hari raya" or "tung tung tung chiang". I don't know if its my imagination or what but, everyone seems to be a lot more cheery and smiley and full of life during the christmas season. so i love having small conversations with happy christmas people. hahaha. I also like cleaning up my room and decorating it with lights and stuff. this is all while relient K's album is playing in the background or ringing in my head of course.

So yeah, this is my first Christmas post. there will be more to come. haha. and for all those who want to get me a christmas present, A switchfoot album would be muchhh appreciated. and for the more radical, I NEED AN MP3!

The weather is perfect
for a sleigh ride
together with you.

15 November 2008

Happy is a yuppie word.

Guess what, as of today i'm gonna blog more happy thoughts.
Take a look on your right. the flashy movie thingy, yea, nuffnang checked out my blog, and decided it was emo, so they put a suitable ad for it. ahahahaha.

have fun getting emotional support.

and do click it, the more u click it, the more money i get, the more things i can get u guys!

11 November 2008

Time & Confusion.

I remember myself just yesterday, small, naive, whinny, cry-baby, afraid of everything under the sun,doing stupid things like putting my head through staircase rails and getting stuck. and it was just yesterday. like how i remember it.

but today is today, a full 16 years later. still small but tall, still very naive *ting*, and seeing the world from a whole different perspective. my mom comes up to me once in a while saying "who'd have thought such a small fragile baby would grow up to be like this tall, lanky thing ". and i'd go "yea mom, ok.". but she really sees it, because she watched me grow up.I'll probably understand one day when i get kids of my own.

I've never really celebrated my birthday before. i remember i had a family party when i was std 2. no friends. and when i was form 2, i went for futsal with church friends. thats about it. this year, my new awesome bunch took me out for a full day and even paid for me. i was darnnnn happy.

So a big thank you to :

Dinesh for always being there for me when chinese people wanna beat the crap out of chindians.
Melvin for being the coolest and awesomest 16 year old keyboardist i know.
Jenn yee for flipping your hair and the cow. haha
Carol for finally layaning my humour and getting me the bottle
Sun for being the only one that could understand my antics and play along with 'em
Elaine for seeing the world like how i see it and being the happy cow and not to mention the entertainment. and for the bottle of course.
Melinda for letting me get first in class last year and for being my only motivation to study :p
and though Sharma could not make it, thanks bro for small tamil lessons and for being the shahrukhkhan we all love. and thanks for the deepavali food too. haha.

yilin, gosh, whats there to thank u for? hahaha.kidding. thanks for giving me good music once in a while and our conversations of dreams and goals. haha Shawna, thanks for a wonderful 4 years of small chitchats of everything and anything while ur free, and being ever so thoughtful when i needed someone to talk to :) Ivan for being my motivation to practice my guitar and buy one, for being my arsenal buddy, and the brother that i never had. Andrew paul, for being the jack i could laugh at when we were 10 in sunday school. and still being the jack i can laugh at and with now. haha. Huiying, for the ups and downs, and the lessons we've learned from annoying the crap out of each other.i really do appreciate it :)

and the biggest thank You to Jesus, for being my life saver, my redeemer, my healer, my counselor, and most of all my best friend. thank You for making me who i am today. its been one heck of a journey so far, lets continue it with many adventures for the years to come.

and guess what?
i can pump petrol legally now :)

05 November 2008

Skeptics & true believers.

OK so today is part of history. 20 years from now, when our kids are learning history in school, they'd read "Obama was the first black president". and of course, we'd feel darn old. haha, but that's beside the point.

I'm pretty darn happy he won. i think many new things are gonna take place. i don't know exactly what his plans are for the nation or basically the whole world since America controls everything, but its nice to see change once in a while since all my life, bush was the big kahuna.

Apparently there are a number of repercussions in the democratic party winning. stuff like gay marriages and rights to abortion are given. it would have been better if obama was from the republican party. its just that mccain doesn't sound all that great.

Its pretty sad how we would never know a leader's real character untill he/she comes into power, which is pretty much too late. this reminds me of what anwar is doing. based on his history, no one should be trusting him. but its the only hope we've got now. who knows? maybe when he comes into power, he's gonna kick all of us back to china, or for chindians, INTO HALF.

So that's my 10 cents worth on the whole matter.

thank you and don't forget to tip your waiters on the way out :)