27 June 2007

The Great Escape.

hellu! i'm back from Redang! it was awesome. i got to hangout with my dad's side of the family[he's got 5 sisters]and their families from all over the world.haha. i've got brits in my family now too.

My couz,Nick.[nah lynne,thats about as hot as he gets.]

and his dad,Uncle Chris

this is the second time i'm going to terengganu this month. and driving there was about 12 hours the last time so this time,my dad managed to get an offer on an air asia flight there.wohoo! second time sitting on a plane.My family,excluding my older sis left on friday in the afternoon to kuala terengganu.man the flight is oni 50 mins and u oni get to take off ur seatbelt for about 10 mins.the airport there is pretty lame.haha and we checked in some creepy hotel for 100 bucks a night. that place really stinks. and we walked around,had some really crappy food for dinner[expensive too] and watch some alien movie on tv.

The flight attendents not hot wun.and the guys are gay.

The next morn we woke up at about 7,had good breakfast at some indian muslim place and took a cab to Merang where the jetty is[my dad said its the worse cab he's ever sat in]. by then the rest of my family had landed and were on their way to the jetty too. it took about 40 mins to get there.then at 9am,we took a speed boat to our resort.each resort has their own jetties and boats.boat ride was crazy bumpy and took almost an hour.

Boarding the boat.

Aunty Han and Uncle Ashley.

My couz tavia and her boyfriend,jake.

My uber cool grandma and her only son.[sho shweet]

Me and my sis tried to look excited.


My couz,nick and my Aunty Peng.

and her boyfriend,Paul.[he's run 2 marathons before]

The water at our beach,

We were very happy about it.

Then when we arrived,we got off on our jetty,which was rather small,not quite the one that i jumped off at kapas, and put our bags somewhere and sat in the canteen area,and had our holiday briefing.the place is called Redang Kalong [sounds dam cina]. everything is basically controlled by them.Meal times,snorkling times,etc. this resort is a rather quiet one.the noisiest it gets is my couz running around pickin up sea cucumbers in the water and chasing my sis with it. And all the staff are chinese.no one there is malay or indian.not even the people on holiday.the place is all wooden and is only built for less than 80 people.i think we got the best resort.

Aunty peng and Aunty wai yee arriving at

The entrance of our resort.

Our rooms are either double or triple bedded. theres hot showers in it with a nice bathroom and aircond that can be left on 24 hours.its got a cupboard with a safe inside and a rubbish bin too.so basically,its a simple room.the whole place is simple.our rooms faced the sea and man,spectacular view. other than that,the resort has free kayaking,free ping pong,free board games,free carrom,free karaoke,free mah jong but u gotta pay to play pool.ohya and the canteen has bread with a toaster,juice,ice water,tea and coffee 24 hours all free.[actually it ain't free,its all included in the package but we can have as much as we want].The only thing that sucks about this place,is our beach.its full of corals and stones and the 1/4 of sand there is,ain't even fine.kapas had the best sand ever.

I think i still remember the code.[561744B]

Imagine playing volleyball on that.

My mat salleh relatives had problems walking on it.

and hammocks right in front of our rooms,facing the sea.

Our simple wooden rooms.

View from our room.

well,we arrived there at 11am,so that means we missed the first snorkling trip[there are two a day,first at 9.15am and the 2nd at 2.15pm.] we lepaked around,ate lunch which was not bad i tell yea.they don't give the starchy malay food here.after lunch we got ready for snorkling.Snorkling was good. alot of staghorn reefs though[the horny kind.haha]. but got alot of cool fish. under the boat was 1000's of fish so me and my dad dived down under it.that was cool.haha.

After snorkling we just lepaked around on the beach. zoe still went snorkling at our beach.i dunno what there was to see there. my couz kept looking for sea cucumbers,my older sis read a book,my dad went for a jog[crazy man that guy],and the other grown ups sat around with a tiger in their hands.what did i do? i sat around looking at the spectacular view,and took some shots.

Since we had no sunset, i made the camera do the job.haha.

My apa.

i like pics in black and white.

Diving boat.

These slippers take me every where.[especially to skool]

My couz's idea of communication : throw a rock when they can't hear u.

Me,Sarah and Nick.


And the grown-ups sat around with a tiger in their hands.

Dinner was some asian food mixed western. we had chicken wings,grilled lamb chop,kembong with belacan foil-baked,french fries,salad,coleslaw,fish balls and fried rice.it was gooooood.after dinner i sat to have some strawberry tea [doesn't that remind of kapas,lynne] and watch the league of extraordinary gents for the 3rd time with Sarah on my dads laptop.then everyone went to bed.

Next morning,i skipped breakfast cuz it was some mihoon and nasi lemak and slept on untill 9.then my dad woke me up cuz he said they're going to the marine park. jumped into the boat at 9.15,and reached the jetty at the marine park [was so tempted to jump of it] we were the only ones there untill about 20 mins later,the crowds started coming in.man i tell u,the marine park was uber cool. so many fish of all colours and the corals were very much alive.there was the christmas tree coral where if u touch it, it closes up.haha. my family were the smart ones not to wear a life jacket.so we could dive down anytime and i managed to get the snorkling techniques mastered.what else did i see?i saw a huge puffer fish,about 3 feet long and i swam with millions of ikan bilis.but i missed alot there. i missed the giant garupa which was over a metre long,i missed the shipwreck on the other side,i missed the moray eel,and i missed black tip sharks.so thats pretty much alot that i missed. man when the crowds come in,the water turns murky and there were hundreds of floating people in an area of only 150m square of snorkling area.in the water u had so many people giving their lala poses to underwater camera shots.[damn,i want one too]then we all went back.Sarah missed everything cuz she din wanna go.

Aunty Han,Me and Aunty Wai Yee.

Then after lunch, Sarah had to beg me and my dad to follow her snorkling.haha. Dad,Sarah,Zoe,Ama and I went.it was good.alot of fish and they din swim away when we came cuz we had food.but since the water was shallow[about 8 feet deep],everyone cut themselves on the corals.my finger bleed untill my whole hand was bloody.haha.i tried squeezing the blood out in the water to see if sharks would come but it din work [dang].Some lady piuked on the boat so we had to go back after that.then before we left,Sarah dared me to wave my hands and yell " SHARK,SHARK!!!" to everyone in the water.ahahaha. and sarah and zoe kept posing like jack sparrow on the boat with the music all the time. The last time i did that at kapas,dinesh pushed me and i almost fell in the sea.

Then the whole evening we lepaked around on the beach,played some frisby and ping pong and took some shots. i sucked at ping pong,kena trash by my sis and aunt.i sucked at frisby too,but when i took out my FIFA official size 1 ball, the mat salleh's got trashed by the malaysians [it was only me though].and what else?Sarah and I started throwing rocks as far as we could. man she sucks. she summore won discuss when she was in skool,summore got sports woman for two years.haha. but i couldn't beat my dad.Sarah also chickened out after SHE proposed the idea of a 50m race with me.and where was zoe in all this?Missing in Action i tell u.or she was mayb still snorkling looking at some sand in the water. If she was,my Couz was probably looking for more sea cucumbers and chasing her with it making a whole lot of noise. man,i love my family.

One of the many tanjungs.

with the coconut tree and a boat this time.

O i love this shot. its darn typical.

Sarah and Aunty Han.

Kononye ping pong pro.


Jake was pretty good.

Paul fell in the water trying to catch one.[they kenot balance on the stony beach,haha]

Like a pro [i tried la k.]

Even 6 year old nick was better than me.[he sucks at football]

Dinner was the same as yesterday for some reason.[i think,but i'm getting mixed up between all three days]Then after that i watched the joy luck club with my family,darn emo weih.and we all went to sleep.It stormed that night pretty heavilly.all my mat salleh relatives kept going outside cuz they've never been in a tropical storm before.haha.

Next morning,it was still drizzling so no wun went snorkling.i did some studying and watched shanghai knights. darn funny weih.then my dad asked if i wanna go kayaking,since its free. so Aunty Han and Uncle Ashley in one kayak,Aunty Peng and zoe in another,And me and dad in the last[both of us had to use a single paddle,it was pretty neat] we headed to the next teluk,caught the surf and beached our kayak quickly after 5 mins of fighting for it with the powerful waves. then Aunty Peng and zoe came,caught the surf,and capsized.ahahahaha. but they abandoned water craft and laughed all the way untill the beach. i thought ,"shit,what are they doing!" So i chased after it cuz the waved were pulling it to another cove and asked my dad for help since he's some muscle man and i kenot beat him in arm wrestling.haha. but the waves were too strong and the whole kayak was filled with water so it was too heavy to lift. i kept holding on to it but after 5 mins of pushing and struggling,my dad gave up. both of us were exhausted but i kept thinkin to myself,if we lose this kayak, GG.com. So i was asking dad,"what are you doing?!" and he stood there and said " wah sam,not an easy job huh." baaaaabi!!! but later on in the day he said,"actually sam,if u had let go of the kayak,it would have gone."aiyoy.well we battled the waves for the kayak for about 15 mins untill we finally won and were extremely exhausted.

then we realized,we're stranded cuz the waves are too powerful to bring the kayak out again.so we waited for about 2 hours there,making sandcastles[i did an airplane],scaling some really cool boulders[i saw a 2m long monitor lizard in the jungle] and just lepaking,trying to figure out what to do[i was just concerned about getting back in time for lunch]. my dad decided to use his brains instead of his muscles and came up with a plan. he said that we shud wait for the calm wave and quickly bring one kayak out at a time. So me and zoe went first,and it worked! then we paddled home while they timed the next calm wave.boy,i was exhausted and had problems kayaking back.haven't done proper kayaking in a year.

Well,we missed lunch and as we were arrving,the snorkling boat was leaving. And we were all tired but zoe grabbed her mask and followed them. we sat around drinking 100 plus,eating whatever is left of lunch and talked about our 2 hour adventure.Then we decided to go find the waterfall we saw earlier when we were kayaking. We walked there,climbed the rocks,walked in the sea and reached what wasn't a waterfall but just a shower.haha.but at least it could be consumed.then they all went snorkling and i took a jog back to the resort.by that time the snokling boat came back. it was about 5pm already.i played some ping pong and carrom with nick,zoe went to sleep and Sarah fell sick so she was sleeping too.i have no idea what the rest of the family was doing.So then later i took summore shots and did summore studying.much of everyone had nothing to do.

Nick always has this serious look on his face[he talks like a grown-up too]

Mom and Dad =)


Some worked on their laptops.

Some just needed to sit and think.

I studied =)


Coconut trees.[why does this remind me of pn Surita(bagan datoh)]

God's works always seem to amaze me.

One of the nights we had something different la k. i think it was the first night.but we had bbq again that night.After dinner it rained heavilly again.Sarah and I taught all my aunts and uncs how to play mafia.Its fun playing with grown-ups.haha.then later we taught them how to play chuoa tai tit [don't ask me how u spell it]. we trashed them la of course.haha.they got the hang of it after a while.When we left,they couldn't remember some of the rules so they made up their own.[grown-ups are brilliant people]Then i did some studying while my sis was completing her assignments on the laptop [we were suppose to be on holiday]. And i watched the last samurai for the 3rd time with her.

Next morning,we had roti canai and eggs for breakfast and some tea and toast bread[u can have that all the time though].i sat with ama for an hour drinking tea and gazing at the never-seeming-to-dissapoint spectacular view untill she said i'm being lazy and asked me to go take a walk with my mom.[my ama is so cute] So me and my mom took a walk to laguna resort while my dad,aunty peng and paul took a walk to one of the tanjungs. laguna was so huge we din bother exploring it.

3% of laguna.

looks like a morning glory.something to brighten up the fact that ur leaving in 60 mins time.

My sisters were hangin around the hammock the whole morning,asking me to take their pics.my dad was sleeping and i was trying to pack-up my stuff cuz the boat leaves at 12 noon but my couz kept stacking up pillows and jumping on me.my dad later on got his last shots of the island and we took the boat back to Merang jetty.

oo i love this shot.[the plastic bag kinda ruins it though]

Catching a snooze

Can't tell if Sarah is awake anot.

These kids watch too much tv.

Nick goes around catching frogs and lizards [kinda reminds me of calvin trying to gross out susie]

Paul walks kinda funny.



The hotel we stayed in this time was just down the road from last time. it wasn't creepy.it was some malay hotel lah.then my whole family went for lunch in cinatown and walk for a bit untill they flew off at 4.30pm and i had a nap untill dinner time.Dinner was good this time round.dam cheap oso.then we did some shopping and came back to the hotel and watched flight of the phoenix.then we had a good sleep untill the next morning.

We woke up at 6am,zoe woke up at 6.45 so we couldn't eat breakfast there cuz we have to check in our luggage at 7.35 and it takes a while to get to the airport.plus the cab was already waiting so we left and had breakfast in the pretty lame airport.prices were friggin expensive. we took off at 8 in a plane with no hot flight attendents and another gay ass. reached back here at 9.15,reached kl sentral at 11.30,took a cab back home and huried to skool for RKA day[open day]look around for pn grace and shes dam nice in front of my mom weih.haha. well,my results improved alot and i've never gotten higher before.and to top that off,i got 1st inclass.

Redang had no hot chicks sadly.din even see anyone my age there.all the shots were taken mostly by me,dad and sarah.my family went out for dinner the day we arrived home and the next day they went to camerons while i was stuck in boring ol skool.my teachers think i'm still one of the most talkative and day dreaming students in their class.but u know what?i'm not sick anymore,i managed to catch a holiday i really needed and my grades improved and my parents are quite happy about it.man life is good.

Thank u Lord! and ohya,thanks to terence too,who lent me his mask.