25 December 2010

Make it last forever.

I've never cared about news in the entertainment world. More to life than finding out about which chick wore what, or broke up with who. Josh and Zac Farro's exit from Paramore is the first big news i've given a lot of thought into. It really did surprise me why it was such a big deal to me. After all, many of bands i've listened to have broken up. But really, what bothered me was the truth on what had been happening all these years within Paramore.

Hayley released a statement on paramore.net in what i think is a rather negative way towards Josh and Zac's exit. She was saying how they don't have happiness within the band and that they went off to find that somewhere else. Josh and Zac of course, had more to say than that.

Josh and Zac's Statement

As it turns out, the whole band was an act. Everyone within was pretending that things were fine, that they had a plan, a purpose for what they're doing. These are the things that inspired me and a whole bunch of others all over the world. What they stood for, how they saw the world. But it all just was some front to keep things going. Josh and Zac were never comfortable with the direction Hayley was taking the band. They even compromised on the music and negative lyrics that Hayley insisted on.

When one of the fans asked josh why he continued though he didn't agree with anything since day one, He merely said "thought I had to stay. I felt like since I had spent so much time and effort building this band it would be a waste to leave. I was wrong. You cant sacrifice happiness for money or anything in this world for that matter"

This is why having a band is no joke for me. I refuse to compromise on excellence and purpose. Everyone needs to have the same vision and message, even if the vision is just to have fun. When even two people cannot agree, there is no direction and therefore no use in struggling through. You'd live the next 7 years as someone you're not. A big act.

What has happened with Paramore only makes me skeptical about making music with people. Its just a principle that i stand for. Because like what Paramore was to me, I might be to someone else in the future. I ain't gonna break that person's heart.

Never live as someone you're not.