30 April 2007

Vouchers : a sign of humility.

i just started getting used to my class a month ago.hm.. cuz usually i'm with my other bunch of monkeys and smart stuck up people. my class is a rather humble not-so-smart average class filled with people who all speak chinese or canto [ dam i hate bein a banana].

anyway, last monday was melvins b'day and erh aheh,everyone forgot bout it.He said he had a whole bunch of burger king vouchers and i haven't had good burgers in a while and i have never tried a whopper in my whole life.So we decided to go eat the next day.yay!

in the end quite a number of people decided to come along too. So after skool melvin came over to my place, and we quickly hoped into a cab to 1u [there aren't any burgerkings around anymore] and got there by 2.45pm. what sucks is that melvin left chee ken's number in my hse and i had no cred. and we promised to call him.ahahaha.

So we circled round looking for them and we decided if they don't come to burger king at 3 like we agreed, we're gonna start without them.mmmm yummy! We did start without them anyway. the first burger i ate was a whopper.yay! then we decided to have another one,mushroom swiss... then we decided to have a whopper junior. ahahahaha.

Melvin went to shit after that.ahahaha. then the rest of the guys came and we went on to play pool. i thought they all dam pro,but they suck. hmm. Since they all speak chinese, i've developed a habit of talking in chinese whenever i can, or at least try. ahahaha.

So gayyy... [quote melvin]

It rained after that so we had to wait for the rain to stop since we taking bus. We went to the free internet place at microsoft and played miniclip games,bought rotiboy since kong meng is a vegetarian [vegetarians are always a mystery to me] and took the bus back.

Conclusion, my class doesn't suck after all.and boo to all those dam stuck up smarter lansi jackasses who think they rock.

20 April 2007

i'm all smiles...

Since my grandma has been staying in my hse for about a year, i've been sleeping on the floor.and now, i have a bed!!! yay! my mom's friend gave one to me... and u noe what rocks?its one of the beds i've been checkin out in ikea.

My new bed.

In february,my phone got stolen for the second time cuz some jackass indian baaabifying mangkuk on a moto grabbed my sis' bag which had my phone inside cuz i swapped phones with my sis that weekend.but... a dear someone decided to help my family and gave us 300 bucks to get a new phone... yay!!! well... i've been looking for almost two months for one cheap good one and isaac somehow found me a good dealer that sold it to me for 280 bucks! woots! the original price is actually 450. and i just got it two days ago...

its a nokia 2610...

-voice recorder



-no radio though... but its a colour screen and its a basic phone.

Thank You Jesus for looking after me and my family after much prayer...

18 April 2007


U know how people always think geeks are pretty innocent and can always help u out in maths?well thats screwed up... in my class there are two really geeky geeks (geeks aren't necessarily smart) whos names i shan't mention well the thing about them is...

hmm... they're darn noisy,always chasing each other and laughing and well... they can't sit still.today one of them brought his handphone to skool. well thats normal and all but in class he's sitting behind,playing with his handphone and all and then alot of guys start crowding round.melvin takes a look at whats happenin... OMG! they're watchin porn!!!

Porn is quite normal among alot of my friends nowadays but... this explains why this really geeky geek laughs about some really sick jokes and acts like some gayy rapist all the time. the dude keeps porn in his handphone... even some of my friends that watch porn are real appaled.

What a mistake of mine to think all these dam annoying yet innocent people are real innocent.i feel dam disgusted weih. i'm seriously scared. see,this is what porn does to u.makes u twisted and makes u act really wrong.conclusion is don't watch porn and...


Hmph... i need starbucks

So i came home on monday after skool at 4pm and Sarah came home an hour after that saying:

Sarah : hi Sam.

Sam : *notpaying attention* aaa...

Sarah : can get off the comp arh?i need to use...

Sam : WHAT?! i halfway watchin movie u wanna use the comp *carries on complaining*

Sarah : *says uber softly* erh and i crashed the car today...

Sam : *still complaining* nope i wanna finish this movie...

Sarah : did u hear what i said?

Sam : erh, u wanna use the comp?

Sarah : nope,after that...

Sam : no... what?

Sarah : i crashed the car...

WHATHEHECK?! turns out it was raining and all that day so yeah,my family's new wira that we got 4 months ago crashed into a merc (the dude driving was nice though) and the front sudah kemek. i haven't seen it for myself cuz the car is at someworkshop and is gonna take time to fix.darnnnn...

10 mins later... erh sarah is on the comp (somehow she always wins)

Sarah : ohya and today i was cleaning the filter of the washing machine and somehow the pipe cracked...

Sam : what?!

So that day i had a whole load of wash to complete and i can't use my machine... but now i can somehow without the water supply from the normal pipe. and that really made my day suck cuz earlier on in school...

Monday is the deadline of my geo projek.. and i stayed up under the stupid candle and finished it sweating... the stupid blackout laRH!!!

My class : teacher, can pass up on friday arh... haven't finish yet...

Pn chuah : aiyoy... u all real lazy i tell u. if u don pass up on friday,i gonna minus marks...

BAAABIIII!!!! so i could have passed it up this friday!!!. That monday...16th of april 2007, sucked to the max.first i wasted all my efforts on some stupid non-benifitial projek,then i have to stay back in school for stupid librarian duty and listen to dinesh crap then i stop watchin a movie i was very much enjoying so that my sis could use it for i dunno what oso then i find out that my sis crashes the car meaning i have to wake up at 5am everyday to be in time to take the bus to school cuz my mom is taking the van to johor for some seminar and shes gone for one week and the car is in the workshop.hmm what else? i gotta stand by the washing machine and wait for the water to fill everytime i do the wash.


17 April 2007

Cuz God made us that wayy.

hmm... so weird.i thought i'd blog about this... its darn random.

Today while we all brainstorming on our math problems, lisa(whos not doin anything) suddenly asked...

Lisa : why am i not a boy?why are u not a girl?

ahahahahahahahaha. we all looked at each other and...

Us : lisa u ok arh?

darn random wei... well anyway,today i just found out that when andrew long comes back in december,its gonna be his last time visiting in a very very very loooong time. AHHH!!! yea,thats sad.

I don't blog about my day?lol.

hmm Last sunday i went to Church early in the morn for patrol meeting to finish up the new banner and design our mini fort.Then after we were done i studied sejarah... but anyway, thats not what i wanna post.haha.

After Studying, i headed off to uth church. its the first time i'm goin to my youth churches praise and worship!woohooo!!! and whats even better, i get to see jon rob really show his bass skills for the first time! the funny thing is i've been in youth church almost 3 years and this is the first time i'm goin for their praise and worship cuz i'm always on duty for Children Church everyweek. dang...

well... it was quite ok. haha. and i mayy be joining the worship team... yay!!! So then we had our normal uth service and we got into groups and disscussed bout some stuff... emmanuel is darn funny.

Then went on to rangers and we plannned our expedition retreat. its gonna be awesome weih! three days of games,jokes,food and basically bumming around in Cmdr Herberts home away from home in melaka. kenot wait!

TV educated...

Few weeks ago, zechs mom agreed to get some clowns to sell balloons for SK bu4's sports day. hmm... and we all wonder who are gonna be 'em clowns...

RAINBOW AND SLEEPY ARE BACK IN ACTION!!! and its funny cuz neither of us agreed to it.ah but whatheheck.So...

Last saturday me and zech headed to his sister's skool or his ex-school to do clowning.what a pity i forgot to bring my camera.i stayed over his hse the night before finishing my geo projek and homework while talkin to Elysia online and Transfering music into zechs com ( these ppl really need to hear MUSIC) while the three brothers slept noisily.hmm... i was so tempted to play condition zero but i knew if i'd on it, i wouldn't have stopped and we need to get up 6am the next day... it was already 1am?but i played a few rounds anyway (dam i suck alot more compared to last time i played it..erh,six months ago?). in the end i only slept at 3 cuz these air-conditioned brothers turned the temperature down and i gave me a blanket big enough to fit a dog.

Usually when i stay at zechs hse, i'm the latest to get up but this time i was the first!zech was last.. this is how we attempted to wake him up...

Josh : zech get up weih... its already 7.30.

Zech : but we only need to be there at 8...

ahahahha. well anyway, i had nasi lemak for breakfast with the rest of the family and we headed off to the skool. Wei sern,Ray and Goh oso came along to help out. me and zech got our make-up on and pressed the "personality and voice change" button as we stepped outside the storeroom.hmm... suprisingly, we kept having to make more and more balloons cuz parents and 3 to 9 year old kids swarmed the two innocent clowns for balloons that costs 1 buck per balloon(theres no wayy i'd pay that much). the first hour was fine, not too tiring, din have to walk that much cuz they came to us.hahaha.But the next hour,walauweih...

Rainbow and Sleepy decided to walk a bit more since they stayed around one spot for an hour d.By now wei sern,goh and ray had left. When these two clowns asked this bunch of sayy err... 9 year old kids if they want a balloon...

Small indian kid and small chinese girl : hi my name is annoying..

they din really say that but...

Small indian kid : why u talk like that?

Small chinese girl : yeah, so weird, like pondan liddet. whats ur name?

Rainbow : my name is rainbow... rainbow talk like this...

Sleepy : yeah,and what is pondan?

Small chinese girl : like a bit girl liddet.like to dress up like girl and all.

Small indian boy : thats not ur name u liars! i want to know ur real name.U two think ur clowns but ur just a bunch of fools.take off ur make up.

Rainbow : what make-up? this is my face.i no liar.i'm good boy.

Zech whispers to sam : whathehell?!can i kick his balls arh?

Small Chinese Girl : Its make up larr. and ur wearing a wig. i can see ur real hair.Stupid!Don't you both have to study for SPM or something?ur wasting ur time here. nobody wants u here.

Rainbow : *wants to cry*

Sleepy : *wants to cry*

Small indian boy : Don't show ur stupid sad face. it doesn't work around here. get lost, i hate u all. ur so annoying!

Sleepy says to Rainbow : lets go to the field. got more friends there. they don't want us here.

Small indian boy : i dare to go to the padang! once u step there, no one is gonna like u and ur gonna sweat under the hot sun!!!

Sleepy and Rainbow : okayyy... *walks off*

Small indian boy says to Small chinese girl : lets follow them!i wanna kill them!i hate them!i wanna annoy them untill they die!

Zech and sam thinks to themelves : * i thought u hated us?why u wanna follow us?*\\

Small indian boy and chinese girl : *pulls rainbow's pants and kicks him*

Zechs mom : hey kids, don't bully the clowns...Sam.. Sam... erh Rainbow..

Rainbow : *turns*

Zechs mom : i'm keeping ur handphone.

Sam thinks to himself : AHH!!! an. laikit!why did u do that?!!@#$%^&!!!

Small indian boy and chinese gurl : I know ur name! ur name is Sam!!!

Rainbow : nono... my name is rainbow..

Small indian boy and chinese gurl : stop lying!!! liars!!!

OMG!!! u'll neva know how it felt unless u were there. all these TV educated small kids nowadays...hmm. back in my day,even though i really hate clowns ( yeah weird ain't it) i don go kacau them untill like that....

Rainbow : hmm... would u like a free balloon?

Small chinese girl and indian boy : *takes balloon and starts hitting sleepy and rainbow*

Rainbow and Sleepy : hey!!! don't do that.

Small chinese gurl : haha u so ugly!

Rainbow : u uglier... nerr look at ur hair,why liddet wun?*sticks out tongue*ur oso ugly!

Sleepy : *folds arms* yeah!!!

well i think i'd stop talkin bout that now...but seriously,ARGH!!!!then me and zech whispered to zechs mom,can we go now pls???we already made 50 bucks!haih finally weih... but u know what sucks,as soon as the tv educated kids came along, i had a bad stomach ache. u know why?cuz i think i had nasi lemak with ice water in the morning. So means,i had to clown for one our with a bad stomach ache while layaning some tv educated kids. So after we took off the make up, i really needed to get to a toilet. haha... and zechs dad and his whole family was taking ages in the kantin,buying as much food as they could and zech even waited for the popcorn to cook...

Sam : zech wei, i seriously need to go now...

Zech ; hmm... wants some sandwhiches?

Sam : babi! i need to go larrr...

Zech : do you see the popcorn popping?!

Sam : no but i feel my ass popping!!!

Zech : ahahaha... in good time brutha.

then when we finally got into the car,and drove off...

Zechs dad : eh josh, later when we stop at the petrol station, u buy newspaper...

ZOMG!!!! i mean c'mon weih... i'm about to shit in their car and they still wanna buy papers!anyway after we got home and i did my thing and had a bath... wahh.. felt new. then i played condition zero untill mom came an hour later...

09 April 2007

A thousand words...

hmm... everyday i'm learning new stuff in my camera. So heres a bunch of pics that me or my sis have taken displaying our canon powershot A620 7.1 megapiks 4x zoom quality.

Half face portrait.

full face portrait [ Subject looks confused ]

electronic device [cd player]

Teddy with reflected images.

The insides of a wira at night.

With flash.

Shutter speed slowed down [ car is moving]

Shutter speed even slower.[this pic is dam cool.]

Normal colours projected.

Black and white.


Aya Fest poster [ with delirious' autographs]

Sepia does change alot of colour.[my art project]

Black and white.[16watts amp]


Pepsi can collection.

Reflected image;sepia.

Black and white;far focus point on floor.[my church music room]

The hand!!! with the ethnic bracelet [angled downward a little off the floor;black and white]

okie dokie. cheers mates.

All for a stone.

Blood Diamond is a movie that has to be watched. its a story about how diamonds are mined in Sierra Lione,africa. its a real sad movie. many people die just for these illegal diamonds to be transported to the US. and people living in US have no idea whats going on in africa. well i can't explain the whole movie to u. u just gotta watch it. i'm serious, its as good as watching LOTR. i almost cried watching it. another movie u all must watch is Crash. a story about how racial conflict affect lives. dam sad also. and for all those hu love comedy, i love comedy too but... this is why movies are made.

08 April 2007

On His shoulders,for me...

Last monday,my sis,nat and cmdr theresa choreographed abit of a new mime we were gonna do the coming thursday for good friday service. dang so last minute weih but we managed to pull it off. Practices were crazy... and what made it worse was i was playing the main part...

Tjin fooling around during practice.

The mime is a story about a roman soldier's life and how he found out he was the one hu nailed Jesus to the cross. really sad and involves dam alot of drama.and if ya'll noe me,i don't do dramas, i'm a clown. but i got the lines together,thought of moves and expressions and by the thursday, i could do it quite well enough for people to get goosebumps.i've done a mime before this playing Jesus and according to cmdr theresa, 2 people cried last time.

The stripes on his back.

So anyway, the mime was also cool cuz we [tjin,renee,dai and me] doin it with the pioneers of miming in rangers. wahh what an honour. but no wun noes why they only chose four of us and not people like zech or sayf.

din noe i put so much power into whipping him.

I cried oh my God, i just can't understand.

well on thursday we had one or two practices and put on our make up. the older ones realized how long they haven't done it and four of us realized that we've become alot more efficient and pro after doing mimes more than 5 times.lol.

Renee and Diane look so cute!.

Sharing mirrors with ray.

Cool leh?

Me on Pets cam.

Darren wore the right shirt at the right time.

When we really did the mime in front of a 1000 people, it was very good according to alot of people. but i'd say i wasn't for me. i kinda forgot some of my lines. but the outcome looked ok. and yeah, alot of people said they got goosebumps watchin it.couldn't get pics of the real thing though.

After our mime, we watch a bit of the passion of Christ. Its always sad watching it. that day i watched blood diamond ( i'll talk about later on) and Passion of Christ. a day of sad shows. Nat din feel good at all watchin it and kinda passed out but he was ok after that.Then we took some pics and baliked.

Mimers with the boss.

Emo betul.

My sisters.

On sunday, we also did a wayang kulit presentation of the story of Jesus for the kids rally. that was cool too. i got to the the lights. being the lightsman is a chun job. alot more fun than being any PA dude.

Last night, i was writing in my journal and yeah, i realized that no one can be immune to what Jesus did for us on the cross. He was mocked,spat on,betrayed,kicked,speared,striped,whipped untill he was inhuman and unrecognisable. his arteries and veins bursted as his body was hung on three nails. Even His own Father in heaven forsoke him. his disciples ran away and he was left alone to die.No one can ever portray what really happened to Him on that day,2000 years ago not even The Passion of Christ. No wun can ever imagine the pain he went through. and this was all just because he loves us. Can u imagine going through all that and dying in the end just for someone u love?i can't.

You took the weight of the world on Your shoulders, You did it all for me.