25 July 2009

Elephant Cargo.

Bye jie jie, have a great 2 and a half years in Uni

13 July 2009

Like a child.

There are so many things that I wish for.

I wish that I was like David, a man after God's heart. For some reason, david had the ability to please God with one strum of the harp. he gave the most excellent of worship by man that pleased God.

I wish I could hear God audibly. To know if He really sounds like optimus prime or winnie the pooh.

I wish i could see angels. Different types of angels, flying around with faces that radiate the room.

I wish I could go to heaven for a day, or even an hour. To see if they really have a 24 hour buffet. better is one day in Your courts than thousands else where.

I wish poverty wasn't.

I wish people could learn to love one another.

I wish the church could break down its walls and denominations and join together in unity, bringing Jesus to the nations.

I wish I could bring Jesus to the nations.

I wish I could change the world.

I wish I could stop wishing and start doing. I can and I will. one day i will see all these things happen. One day i will feel the mountains tremble, when the lost begin to sing of Jesus Christ, the risen One.

The wonder of it all, is that we're living just to fall more and more in love with You. so take my worlds apart and i'll be a history maker.

04 July 2009

Take the beauty, take my tears.

Ladies and gents, once again, the big question about…


It has to be more than just the existence in the physical or natural world. What makes us jump for joy, or tear our hearts out till the floor is wet? We can’t merely be single functioned robots that do nothing but play and work. We have a soul, one that is fearfully and wonderfully made, one that belongs to a centre called our hearts and our heart is meant to be transformed into something that will bring glory to God. Truly, the Glory of God is a heart that is fully alive, as John Eldredge wrote in his book, waking the dead.

It really shocks the world how an individual, a life, can be there one second and gone, the next. All the experiences of a person, from young till present, all that he or she has gone through over the years, can disappear in one second.

The truth is, it doesn’t. Life never disappears. We were born into this world for a purpose, we are, in fact, meant to live for so much more. We may not see this, or even more so, believe this but, we impact the lives of people around us in all kinds of ways. We change our world a person at a time.

Since I was 12, I’ve been praying for an electric guitar. I didn’t have much money at that time. The great news is that a stuck situation is just a set up for God to show a miracle. I knew that if it was God’s will, He’ll give me a guitar. Eventually, 2 years later, that prayer, an unusual expectation, turned into a miracle.

There was this dude who I’ve never met. He was a friend’s friend. He found out I wanted a guitar and that I had no money for one. So he just gave me one of his old ones. He GAVE, no cost, no nothing. I hardly knew him, nor did he know me. That is the Christ-likeness he showed. It was truly God’s blessing that enabled me to give God glory through one of the only ways I knew I could.

3 years later, about a month ago, I got a message on my hand phone. Lim Yu Vern, a 17 year old that freely gave up a guitar that would have brought him some extra cash or whatever to someone he’s never met, passed away in a motorcycle accident.

I felt horrible after reading that message. I never bothered to get to know him. I never bothered to try and return the favor and kindness he once showed me. I don’t know how he lived, but one thing is for sure. He impacted my life. He changed the world.

We don’t always know our life’s purpose, but God knows it and He has a great plan for you and me. Even though this dude was only 17 and had so many years ahead of him, I know that he didn’t leave in vain. He changed the world by changing one life and, that’s just only me. I’m sure he was an extreme blessing to his other friends. When it’s time to leave, it simply means that you’ve done your job. You have been part of God’s plan and now it’s time for something greater, the real life in the kingdom of God.

In the same way, I believe that when it is not our time yet, we still have a lot to do.

Just the other day, two friends of mine were involved in a car accident. They were shocked, traumatized. They told me they could have died in that split second but guess what, they’re not. Praise God! Why? Because life begins at the intersection. It’s now their time yet. There are still things to be done here, more lives to impact, a whole world to change! Now is when they can rise up and truly see what God has in store for the rest of their lives. If you two are reading this, get ready for something unusual to happen, get ready for God to move in your life in ways you’ve never dreamed of. This experience is not a car accident, it is a wakeup call, and it is God saying welcome to the real world. Welcome to life J

Our lives are no mistake. What happens to us or to the people around us is no mistake. Everything happens for a reason. There is no such thing as a “bad event” or an accident. It is just a set up, a set up for God to intercede and to show us miracles and things that we would never dream of. Everything is possible through Jesus. Greater is He who is in you than the one who is in the world.