29 October 2008

Tummy Tales.

The aroma, the colours, the taste and texture, the culture, the dancing around the coconut tree. ahhh, its all part of the diwali experience.3 years its been, since i last visited a house. 3 years since i last had good home cooked indian tastes. 3 years since [k i almost wrote "danced around a coconut tree"] i've celebrated the fact that hindu punjab blood runs in me.

Breakthrough, at last! i've made two new indian friends this year which are part of my far from perfect class. Carol and Sharma, congradulations, your on Sam's blog! ahahahahaha. To be honest, its much comfortable shoptalking with these two rather than a whole herd of whitechinese speaking folk. and at times like so, i have to say i'm pretty glad that you both, carol and sharma, don't converse in tamil :p

Lets go back to the only way my immediate family celebrates deepavali. what normally happens...

The day before the big celebration,mom and i take the LRT into town, stop at masjid jamek, walk to a shop called jaihin,which probably means make u fat in hindi .But the shop mass produces sweets every year. and they have darn good chapati. So before making our heavenly purchases, we sit down to some tea and chapati. Then we go home, and the next day we makan our sweets puas puas. Sometimes my mom would buy back some good north indian food. but thats rare of course, considering our busy life.

Why don't i celebrate deepavali? easy. My family got no friends wun, so i have to rely on any God given friend there is. hahaha.

Sharma Saravanan Pillai aka Shahrukh khan invited me to his open house and of course the rest of the class too. Carol Ann Clemet aka bebnaknaikmotobeb suggested we go to sasvin's, for breakfast before heading over to sharma's for lunch. Sasvin served us cookies,sweets and on the breakfast table, was curry and rendang and idli and putumayam and quail's egg and gawd, it was daaaamnnnn goooodddd. while digesting, we shoptalk summore. [yes i like using that word]. and after a couple of hours, we headed to shahrukhkhan's house.

My word, what a difference in class. Sharma greeted us in his traditional wear [and i imagined him saying "marishga hargitay, i am his holiness, the gurupitka] and led us into his palace of golden horses. Sharma's mommah served us killer hot prawns. i died on that one. haha, but everything else was woooookaaaayyy *shakes head with thumbs up*.

It might be considered normal for anyone in malaysia to visit visit, but this is a real treat. Sometimes i do wonder what our country would be if it wasn't multi-racial. already spending 30 minutes surrounded by chinese peeps feels weird. i do like my other 3/4 of my blood, dont get me wrong. i mean, its the more hardworking side of my blood. ahahahaha. its just that the indian culture, be it north, south, ceylonese, or malayalam is rather fascinating as compared to painting big chinese words, wearing red red red and lion dancing[k maybe lion dancing is cool]

I sure did enjoy myself this deepavali. even if it only lasted 7 hours for me. i'll be squinting my eyes, preparing my tummy and looking forward to what next year's deepavali has in store.

to all even though i'm almost a week late :)

07 October 2008

Boomin' out the stereo system.

For all those who are in dire need of a powerpacked saturday this week, or just in a huge rocking mood or just plain nothing to do, Come and find out what this is all about!