31 October 2007

The violin plays..

I seriously wonder how people can be so darn talented. Over the past years, My older sis has been downloading movie soundtracks from this dude, Hans Zimmer. Little did i know how incredible his music is.

Hans Zimmer is a composer that has done all the emo music u hear in all of your favourite movies, yes, ALL. Armageddon,Pearl Harbour,Batman,Black Hawk Down,Braveheart,Lion King,Gladiator,King Arthur,Mission Impossible, The Last Samurai,Pirates of the Carribean,Tears of the sun, Da vinci Code, Simpsons, just to name a FEW.

Why do people cry when they watch a movie?because of the story. Emo giler. but what triggers them off? the music. This is the bugger that has been MAKING EVERYONE CRY.

25 October 2007

the indian in the cupboard.

O i just watched one of the best films i've watched this year. Hairspray rocks weih. i was smiling throughout the whole movie. its sooo fun. man, i wish i could dance like them. haha, this movie really made my day. i felt so happy after watching it. and yess, i wanna watch it again. Even zac efron looks good in this film. So andrew paul, scratch ur high school musical, and get a load of this. its damn good.

cuz you can't stop the beat..

22 October 2007

Way up high.

At Pulau Manukan there was a kitten that hung around us cuz we kept feeding it tuna. then terence told us his friends threw a cat up in the air and it landed on its fours. so we decided to give it a try. after all, no one likes cats anyway.

I put it up in this tree and it froze.

20 October 2007


K i have 500 pics to choose from which 400 are nice. so i give up. the best shots i took are on my flickr. but these are our nicest group photos.

Clouds were darn thick.

Our peak picture.

19 October 2007

For this world to stop hating.

i'm still waiting for the rest of the pics that terence took at KK before i blog about the trip but if u wanna see my best shots from my camera, do check out my flickr. its the very colourful moving box at the side.
bbq tonight!!

18 October 2007

Transaction Error.

I'm baaack! out of probably the thousands of times i've ever been to singapore, this would be the most non-purposeful and short. if i recap on what i did there, i'd say i only ate some damn good delicious huge crabs. imagine that, all the way to another country for dinner and back the next morning.

Entertainment while waiting for the bloody Singaporeans to sort out stuff.

Zoe's bean face.

The journey down really sucked. we had problems with the imigration dept. at sg. so we had to exit singapore, go back to m'sia, wait for 2 hours, exit m'sia, go back into sg. baaaabi. and because of that, all our day's plans were ruin so we slept in at my grandma's. Then we did what eventually became the highlight of the trip, met up with my aunt and unc,ate i'd say the best crabs i've ever eaten and not having to pay a cent. fancy that eh?

Does this answer your question, "why are the lims so tall?"

Trying to look cute ha, sarah?!

As tradition followed, we had breakfast at mcd's down the road. The breakfast at mcd's m'sia always sucked. ohya and in singapore, they give PORK!! a big boo hoo to all the tudungs and songkoks staying there.

13 years later, some things never change.


When we saw this,we just had to take a shot.Somehow its damn funny.

They actually celebrate halloween here.[check out the big one.]

20 years later,Some things never change.


oh what an unplanned trip.

15 October 2007

Now everyone can fly?

Well i'm back from my 5 day Sabah adventure holiday that was worth every cent of the 1K invested into it. I have about 300 pics to look through and a whole bunch of smelly clothes to wash. sadly i can't blog about my trip yet cuz i'm making another trip to Singapore tommorow[God knows how i'd blog about sabah anyway.] see ya!

Ain't no mountain high enough.[original image : Mt. Kinabalu]

Gunung Tahan : conquered

Gunung Kinabalu : conquered

whats next?

07 October 2007

Do the math.

Happy 15th Birthday Carrie!
from the lim bros.

06 October 2007

Into Oblivion..

today i was in klang, thinkin, " when i go home i need to study." then i shook my head and thought again,"crap,pmr is over.whatheheck am i talking about?"

Since the beginning of this year,i've developed this habit of opening my books when i'm bored and studying the life out of myself. i have no idea how i'm gonna get that habit out of me. like darren said, "you must be freaking free now." how true is that?
Apart from doing the housework,planning for next year's rangers, completing my GMA, hoping to find a job,jamming with youth church,catching movies,climbing KK,planning a big youth event, joining a softball comp,playing futsal,being part of christmas musical,and having thinking sessions, i'm FRIGGIN' BORED.
Not that i loved the "PMR life",but at least i had something to do. maybe i think i shall make some pretty cool tools like a homemade knife, a spear or carve a beautiful design on a stick. oh and i have to practice my math and get a good foundation before SPM math kills me next year, BM too.

and i really really want funeral for a friend 's and Faber Drive 's album.

03 October 2007

Let's all get outta here!

If i'm correct, today is the day Melissa and Elysia flew off to kanga land a year ago. man, time sure does fly fast. its also been a month since hosanna and her family have gone. from what i hear, they find the people there unfriendly, the clothes cheap, and they don't like eating the indian food there [problem in the head]. but i guess it just takes time to settle down into a new area.

So to the sisters in aussie, glad to know ur getting along extremely well over there. and to hosanna, i think its us thats missing out,not u.

bent up fairytale song.

Three days are over. and so is the extremely dreaded math paper. from now on, its freedom i tell u.

Sunday was Selangor#7's 19th anniversary. it was pretty cool. especially our expedition skit-mime and the fact that we grabbed the gold kuali, winning cookerama. hard work paid off.haha. also, its been a while since i last played drums for worship. i got to touch that dream set in my church again.

Above all, i still am very happy bout our skit. boy is this post boring.

peace out.