31 January 2008


I seriously got ripped off lorrrr.. or i just expected too much and got a huge dissapointment. i did have fun, but wasn't that big of a deal. i get more rush climbing a mountain for hours, no kidding. Our raft was the best anyway. pet picked man,naeden, dan hsiao,chris cheong, and me in one raft. and our guides were the most fun.ahahaha. the guides took sucky photos though. the trip service was good. they give u snacks on the way and by the time u finish the whole course, lunch is ready for u. its the same place we had camporama 2000. i guess thats what all the money is going to.
The only klang who came, turned out to be Jason. the khaki pants dude.and he fell into the water more than anyone else did. aiseh.hahaha

This was the kononye "big drop". i'm the dude with the eyes closed.ahaha.
I'd say jumping into the rapids was much more fun.
Break at the waterfalls.
Capsizing was also one of the only thrills we had.
and drift away.

26 January 2008

Departure hall.

i feel damn proud of myself for spending less than rm20 on a great night. i'm pretty happy bbq plaza wasn't that expensive. their food wasn't that great anyway. haha. this was our last chance to see meliss and elys for the year or maybe even years to come. had to be great. hehe.

oh and how nice to meet someone new. Her name is Stephy[am i correct?]. the world is getting smaller and smaller. this person knows that person who is this person's cousin who also is in a band that this other person is in who also happens to work at flyfm where this other person works who happens to be some guy that my sis knows or something. happens all the time wei.

Enough about that, i just realized the ridiculous number of pictures we took of ourselves. haha. i only got a handful of nice shots that night. dangit.

So,first was to bbq plaza. [God knows why they chose a "cute" dragon for their mascot.]


We just had to take a photo with the cooking thingy.

then it was to.. which was damn good.

Spotlights on your meals?

Even their pepper salt thingy was damn cool.

"hi,my name is delicious. you can call me deli" ahahaha.

"cover up people!" [those were mug placemats btw]

haha, i liked the mirror behind.

Walk walk a bit.

Then it was to the roof.

to take a zillion photos.

I like this shot. Elys looks damn good. haha.

and to.. errr nvm.

Bye guys! have a great year in aussie!

No idea how to make our dinner.

Oh and we also just had to do the bbq plaza roar.ahaha.damn retarded

16 January 2008

Welcome to..

After searching 2 months for the dvd, i finally got my hands on THE KINGDOM. my wait for it was definately worth it. its damn good. hahahaha. stupid movie was rated 18 in the cinemas and i still don't look old enough to sneek in.ahahaha. but i'm really really happy.

4 FBI agents go into Saudi arabia to investigate a suicide bombing that killed 100 over americans who work in the oil fields. the minute they step onto saudi soil, they become targets for the same group that bombed the americans. So if u don't like guns, don't watch.ahahaha. the ending is sad though.

Go search for it!

13 January 2008

Too late..

Dear andrew paul. i have the perfect song for you.

The Shadows and regrets
Let go of the best
The shadows and regrets
Let go of the rest.
have a merry time in sub science.
No hard feelings bro.akakakak.

12 January 2008

Hellu mr goat.

2008 is damn boring. i am not having fun at all. haha. i've got no plans either. Everyday,waking up to a friggin annoying alarm, going to what zech calls government prison, being forced to solve math problems, coming home to house chores and more homework, eating a lousy dinner, and going to bed only to repeat the same cycle. i don't remember 2007 being like that.hahahaa.

Well, i have gone for my first tuition in my whole entire life.hahaha. what a change. -_-.

08 January 2008


Selangor 7 leaders lunch was..

AHAHAHAHAHA. i actually look damn funny.

05 January 2008

Break it down.

Check this out. its damn good.

Justin Timberlake - Cry me a river.

03 January 2008

Started with a bang.

This is the first time i'm happy on the first day of school. I MADE IT! i'm in 4 cempaka! wohooo!!!. stupid school. competition damn high untill i have to be happy that i made it into pure science.
But its good laaa. i'm pretty glad they didn't throw me into the first class. Sad thing is, the moment we came into class, all my friends said they wanna transfer to sub science.shit.hahaha. but i doubt they'd go.
So all the hardwork for a stupid pmr exam was worth it.Now i just have to pull through for 2 more years and i'm off to aussie baby!haha.