31 December 2008

Dawn Escapes.

"Happy New Year!", the shouts of many people to one another trying to overcome the pounding sounds of the exploding fireworks. Champagne is popped open and people have wide smiles stretched across their faces in hopes of a wonderful 2009 ahead.

and what was i doing? i was at home, with a cup of milk in one hand and a piece of cake in the other, reflecting on the previous 2008 and all its happiness. sadly, i didn't find too many. but i did collect a few highlights of the year that sure did catch my attention. glad that i have some photos to show. and here we go...

The year started with me doing my happy dance because I FREAKING MADE IT INTO PURE SCIENCE by a string. disappointments came later when i realized, my class ain't what i thought it would be. what a blow to the many dreams of a perfect sophomore year. but i did meet pretty insane cool bunch too.

and they took me out for my birthday!

Got a new clique .haha, not really.but we call ourselves the tripod/triangle. yea, how original, right?

Switchfoot came to town! God answered my prayers after 4 years.They were freaking awesome.

I joined a cell.

Skip straight to the mid-year. took my exams, and headed down to Singapore Camporama for holidays. it wasn't that great, to be honest. but it was my first international camp.and made a new friend there, he's chindian the only chindian to be found in singapore. haha.

We met phua chu kang there. and visited the singapore zoo.

Headed to putrajaya for an amazing fireworks show.

Went up against the rubberduckyschmuckies in treasure quest.

Then in August, one of the greatest things happened to me. Something i'll never forget. after some insane headbanging, jumping, screaming at the top of my lungs to get some stupid sticker, i was chosen to be part of MTV Asia Awards mosh pit! along with ivan, shawna and yilin.

made a bunch of new friends there.

That day was a real dream but not long after that, we had to return to reality. exams came along with that too. got through it day by day untill my birthday came. then it was time to partayyyy.

A well deserved charlie chaplain to that.

So came the end of the year. i took a couple of holidays with my family. it was incredibly short though, because my family is unusually in all directions. a 2 day trip down to melaka and PD had to suffice.

Tried Breaking the law.

Got an underwater camera for our entertainment.

yes,a satisfying holiday with my rather looney family.

Had tons of fun with the kids at vbs, towards the end of november.

Then the highlight of the year came. Mission trip to thailand! its been 5 years since PJ and Klang have had a joint mission trip. so this is the next generation.it was also my first time to thailand. in just 10 days, i fell in love with the country. seriously considering living there one day.

fell in love with the kids there.

Got my first snake bite. and lived to tell the tale,later on killed and cooked and ate the snake up. oh, and brought the skin back :)

A few darn cool jumping shots.[the camouflaged one is shawna btw.]

Tried fried grasshoppers, flies, bees and some other insects for the first time. and i'm not kidding when i say, they taste like chicken.

Remember Sungai Mekong from sejarah and geografi? yeap, thats it behind us.darn cool.

Then i came back. and missed the place sooooo much. sooo sooo much. wishing everyday that i could go back. anyway, i had to get ready for Youth camp. which came 2 days later...

Align Left
Visited friggin' cold peacehaven. again.

Re-united with Old friends who did the smart thing, studying overseas.

Re-united with family members too, all the way down in singapore for christmas. thats my couz from hongkong. haven't seen him in 2 years.

Visited the best place on earth again. Singapore zoo! and thats inuka, the awesome Polar Bear! i'm his no.1 fan .i actually met phua chu kang twice this year. so thats twice to the zoo, twice meeting gurmit singh.

And after 2 years, we still stick together, somehow.

Happy new year people!

30 December 2008

Attention attention.

i haven't had time to blog much over the last two months but i must have my annual highlights post. so that is coming your way. soon. even if it takes another 2 months :)

25 December 2008

Do you hear what i hear?

After two whole dying months of non-musically audible sound waves entering sam's ear canal, [besides the music in everything of course]


thank you so much Jesus and mommaaayyyy for the uber sexy mp3 which i have yet to name.

and merry christmas from singapore!

18 December 2008

Chan ragh koon.

I'm missing her and her country so much now. i badly want to go back.

this is mimi.

02 December 2008

We Can Change The World.

So We Thought.

Our world is messed up. People giving their lives to money,fame,sex,drugs,careers,alchohol.Many think there is no way out. No where to go. Some even decide its not worth the effort.So they take away what was given to them, A wonderful life, full of potential joy and peace.

Over the years, i've realized the biggest answer. Love completes all, it cannot be replaced by anything, status nor recognition. but true sincere love.

What they say about the God-Shaped hole in all our hearts is unbelievably real. His love is the only thing that keeps us going. keeps us renewed and forever filled with joy.

You might think that all hope is lost. No, it is not. In our messed up life, Jesus is there, in between it all. We just have to focus our lives on Him. Ignore our twisted thoughts, our small perception of life.

We were meant to live for so much more than we think. It truly exceeds all that we can dream. Just that when we hit the intersection, we need to take the right road. The road to life.

And I'm praying that we will see

Something there in between
Then and there that exceeds all we can dream

And all these twisted thoughts I see
Jesus there in between
And all these twisted thoughts I see
Jesus there in between

So I Thought - Flyleaf

Hong Nam Yu Ti Nai.

Up to all the protesting riots, i'll be going tonight. and for the next 10 days. TTFN everybody! and happy counting down to christmas.