07 April 2010

Beat the system.

You know how when you're 13, you know you're gonna be a rock star one day? that was big time serious for me. I was gonna travel the world in a broken down van with a band and give some sort of message or hope like how Jon Foreman did me. After all, there's got to be a reason why God gave me some form of music ability,no?

I had a couple more dreams,dreams that i honestly thought could become reality. Considered pursuing 'em professionally, going to school for it and all. I was influenced by many films and documentaries on poverty and such. So i thought, "Imma be like those film makers, show the world what's going on and hopefully send a message to the world's hearts like how some did mine." Great plan, no?

Then i learned where i went wrong.

My sis once told me.. "God usually uses us in ways that we can't imagine. Ways that are sometimes not of our initial gifts and talents." So what if you can paint? He's gonna make you paint on the hearts of others. So what if you can play football? He's gonna make you score a goal worth far more than a ball in a net. So what if you can write songs? He's gonna make you teach others to play the lifelong soundtrack He wrote for them.

I can guarantee your new dream will be better than the first. We've gotta let God give us the dream rather than crafting our own. Its through HIM we can do all things, remember?

My sis wanted to be a travel TV host but, God had BIGGER plans. She soon realized there was more to life than running around with a backpack. She's now studying sociology in Australia to one day be able to change and develop the community. I wanted to be a rock star, but there's more to life than shredding solos. Film making? Why make films of the inhuman things that happen in our world when i could be stopping it? I'm now studying business to one day be able to provide economic solutions and thus, destroy poverty along with its never changing mentality.

Dreams are goals. They give purpose. But its important to not let your dreams blind you from reality and by reality, i mean what is going on around you and more importantly, what God is saying. More often than not, there are more important things in life than your dreams. How do you make sure you never go wrong with your dreams? Ask God to make His dreams come true in your life instead of making your dreams His. Heads up, God never paints the whole picture at first. Keep Him central in your life, and that picture will come to view in His perfect timing.

As for me, I've no regrets on my decision to change the world. but thank You Lord for music and movies :)


Anonymous said...

I say dream... don't stop.
Align every selfish dream with His plan for your life. He births dreams in us for reason.
I believe that what isn't accomplished in my life will be accomplished in my childrens (either physically or spiritually). Doesn't mean I pressure them to, but I will see it come to past.

Everything is spiritual, therefor it has some sort of God element in it. We decide what we do with it.

I say dream! It might not come true in your life but in someone close to you and you will share the joy of that dream instead of turn green in envy. It is all for the kingdom anyway, we rejoice in each others triumphs and joy.

Business can lead to many things. Keep fanning what He has set alight in your heart. Music. Films. Art. or plain old accounts. Fan it, thats our responsibility.

He gives, but what do we do with what He gave? Do we fully develop or develop just 50%?

He's given you gifts and talents and there is so much more to you and in you that is yet to be discovered. Don't kill the dream, shelve it while developing the skills for it.

Joseph had a dream, it came to past. Not the way he expected it.

I see you in a picture in my head and you're a kid with a toy guitar & piano. You look so happy with it and I see God smiling down on you.

You will inspire many and your dreams will be birthed through them. The best part is... you don't miss out on the joy.

Keep dreaming Sam, and hold on to them while developing the skills He has given you.

melinda.e.l.s said...

Hello Sam,

I agree with you very much. We have talents, but it doesn't mean we have to make those talents our goal in life. Sure, we should foster those talents into skills, but it doesn't mean its something we have to be.

Many times I catch myself thinking that I should be a baker, an economist, a historian (because I scored an A for it in Form 2!) and sometimes, even a musician (laugh out loud). But I realized these are only hobbies or even interests, they're not supposed to limit me. I have bigger dreams than fulfilling my interest and living a life pursuing my hobby; I want to change the world -- just like you.

We all have our own destiny to fulfill and ways to change the world. But diversity in this makes the world change in different yet good ways. If you changed the world economically, while others, people like myself, change it slowly through curing ill patients, or even through immense research to find a cure for the cause, and other people change it in their own ways, well then, the world would be a better place.

Sure, these are all far-fetched dreams of ours, to change the world, but everything great starts out with the dream.

Someone wise once said : "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe"

All the best, Sam (:

Crystal said...

found this post from Sarah's FB profile and just wanted to pop by to say that it's so so inspiring and encouraging to see young people like yourself taking up God's challenge to do bigger and greater things, dar beyond what we can ask or dream or imagine! you're absolutely right in this: "your new dream will be better than the first. We've gotta let God give us the dream rather than crafting our own. Its through HIM we can do all things"

Thanks for sharing and keep inspiring others as your pursue your God-given dreams for His glory! :)

Bree Anna said...

Hello Sam, remember me? (:

It's okay if you don't.
Anyway, I think this is wonderful wonderfully written. Funny how lately I am also praying for guidance from God. It feels like now that our life is really beginning, we feel abit lost and uncertain. But Benedict the Pope says God has a plan of love for each and everyone one of us. I'd wish I could have asmall glimpse then maybe I'd feel more assured that I am doing the right thing/ the thing that God wants me to do (:

Oh well, sorry for being long-winded. Have a blessed week.

ps. Hope you dont mind that I linked you in my blog roll. You have a very substantial blog. And that's a compliment! (:

Anonymous said...

I think you're inspirational. Its hard to find someone that could balance life out as it is, God and worldly. Do blog more. :) blessings.