16 February 2006

Ain't a daily borin routine anymore!i think?

Nope,but its still a routine...

kk wednesday:

Wake up at 8,den go ivans hse...STUDY...ya sure i know u all dun believe..well he taught me math and geo for 15 mins den we play comp.1230 that time inkkie pick us up go skool...go in skool probate kacau(chow ern oso) "ivan pull up ur pants" ivan:"eyyer dun touch me...so gay"..finally stop kacauin...den we go see shawna and lynne*ahem* wif form one lalaz.ivan:"shawna,lynne,akakakaka".

Den,saw lordson wearin shirt,slacks,and polished shoes!wahh!!!but wait..he still got his cina backpack...
jack:"dress up so nicely for what?"

Lordson:"go take muet paper"(or sumthin lidat)

little did we know....

melvin:"Lordson is teachin 2 L!!!"

skybear:"dun bluf la"

He really was!he was teachin them moral...so we ask lordson,

"U teachin moral ah?"

"wert?teachin sivik and art oso ka?"

"means u teachin our class!!!"

Yay!!lordson teachin our class!but still weird wei...old form six friend thats really F.O.C(full of crap) teachin us?well after rehat he came in...wah we got to see the other serious side of Lordson wei!he was like "i'm gonna lay down some ground rulez"then he went on talkin crap wif us untill we knew he was runnin out of things to say...den he said to me and xiong"i'm runnin out of things to talk bout"...burst out laughin...finally he asked us do our own work...me,xiong and yen talk to him...and the bell rang 10 mins later...haha..."Terima Kasih en. Yen!"

Other stuff goin on in skool?crap...not bein perasan here...everyone tellin me 4 gurls like me...i'll say it again...crap.Accordin to lynne,"4?nola 20 lerr"(she just tryin to balas dendam from when i said she and shawna tryin to kau 20 form 1 lalaz).

Know whats the freakiest thing?..everyday they keep tellin me a new one likes me...NOOnONooOOooonOOooOOnoNoNoNOnO!!!!!!!!!!!!everyday the thing lynne said is gettin to be more and more true.haihz....now i dunno la...shawna and lynne say "ho lala" ivan say "chun chick!,damn pretty!" ban say "go kau la"...everyone noes them except me...dunno their names summore...babi...eyyer geli la wei...got one of them keep lookin at me..probate summore..wanna eat in peace oso kenot...got another one keep callin my name...inkkie told me her name is Ida or sumthin lidat...hmm.....what to do?

Librarians?suckz...my group leader wanna have power over me,order me do this,order me do that...i go toilet den she tell teacher i ponteng(kinda true la but...Mind ur own crap man!)...darn..we gettin to be as political as prefects...now got new thing,all the form two librarians all pakat and wanna kenakan me,dinesh and gori(sean sean or kwok hsien or stalker...akakaka).teacher almost fired gori...what to do?

Dun care lo!skool still fun!especially today...laugh our heads of..well me,xiong,yen,shawna,and lynne would know la...crackin the lamest jokes while ivan,yingz and jack tryin to get a life in 2 cacat...BRians are Dumb and stupid but...They rule!!!!!!!!thank you thank you...(curtain closes)

Ahh i know i should put one "L" on my head,a really big one...

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hui ying :) said...

yes, BRians are DUMB. but ivan and i have to go through 2 C. boringest clas, man. and eh never ajak me go study oso !!! x( urh, nvm ler. and " the prophesy of Sam's 20 " ??? hahahahha....so farnee man, all also Lala. haha. =/
but dont worry, be happy. =)