13 August 2006

We all go through some changes in...

MUSIC!!!so these are a few songs that i recommend to u...old or new la...

Rooftops - lost prophets

Evening news - Lo

Sophomore slump,sixteen candles,our lawyers, sugar, champagne - Fall out boy

Black balloon,better days,stay with u,iris - goo goo dolls

Where'd u go(of course) - Fort minor

I write sins,not tragedies - panic at the disco

She says - howie day...credit to lynne for recommending this song to me...

No tommorow - Orson

Trees - Marty Casey

Everglow - Mae

U and ur hand,who knew - pink

New world - toby mac

Sweetness - Jimmy Eat world

Football mad nation, journey - pop shuvit

Long for a saviour - Jars of clay

Gone,dare you to move(alternative version is wayy better) - switchfoot

Things i'll never say - Avril Lavigne

Hero[red pill mix] - Superchic[k]

Wake me up when september ends - green day..

The Adventure - Angels & Airways

Drops of jupiter - Train

Classics and news...anyway...

jazz fest rocked even more...sry la kenot describe...all i noe is even the coolest reputation problem fella would have started dancing along with the music...everyone danced...haha...was the best la...

to all who are worthy of calling themselves...frens,do try to make your priority next yesr for i have bad news.... we,have been listening to too much crap international crap music for too long...

I'll show u whats real music...

oklah...i have to go see liverpool trash chelsea now...ciao

peace out...

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Petrina said...

hehe.. Now that i know your taste in music is quite good, quite similiar to mine. ahahha... I can show you good music!
music that isn't found on radio. =)