22 September 2006

Selangor # 7 is 18!

Yes once again like every year,our rangers anniversary is here...or was here...this year,a few of us not so small ones did worship!

Guitar - Naeden
Bass - Wee yen
Piano - Dennisa
Drums - Me!
Back ups - Shawna, zoe ng, sayf
lead vocals - Ying

me havin fun on the yamaha maple collection drums!

Emcee's of the event was my sis and nat...then got the ranger kids' skit,discovery skit,the gurls skit and our skit! (both our skits were darn lame)

then got receive awards and bla bla bla...sadly,the boys lost for masak-masak...haih..but we sapu all the bible quiz and zech got best ranger! the boys have been unbeatable at that...ahahaha

2002 - Manesh

2003 - Tjin

2004 - Me!

2005/2006 - Zech

and ohya,the boys did the marching this time...this is us Royal Patrol berpoyo...haha...u look at kedric...kenot stand properly wun...

then everything habis close shop...couldn't upload the expedition rangers pics cuz blogger is once again cacat but heres some group pics anyway...

The Adventure girls

The Adventure boys serious and gila

And finally,the commanders...

After everything close shop,then the chins,the lims and the lees went for a dinner at paris(the restraunt)...

The Kids table with me zech and hosanna to supervise...

And some other pics from the event...

The best ranger,and his parents

This is Ben and Gabby...ben is half my height...darn cute man these two...

Me and my sis'

A part of of drums skills...but once again,blogger is cacat so i can't load it on here...if u got time then go see...


peace out...

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