17 October 2006

This is how i express my LIBERTY!

yay!exams over is like everything bad over! haha now got alot of time to lepak and catch up on all the stuff that i neva could do... heres a list

1. go skating once more(hoping not to break any part of my body)with andrew
2. hangout in singapore
3. go jammin with ivan and mayb start a band
5. practice e guitar more...
6. catch up on all the movies i've missed
7. Paintball!
8. Risk at colins hse
9. Basketball wih dinesh
10. music!
11. reatreat
12. jalan jalan cari makan in penang
13. Hillsongs!
14. prison break!
15. family guy!

thats about it lorrr...


peace out...

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