03 March 2007

Just like old times...

Those really fun days seem over. playing with mud in the field,hanging out with jia eu,ah long and may wen, playing bike submarine in the really deep park puddles,raiding half built houses,playing FF7 on psone,having a water amusement park when its raining at the playground,cheap thrilling ourselves through insane dog infested back alleys with shit and FIREWORKS!this all was four years ago?

Now that ah long migrate to new zealand and we all oso don have time to have to do ALL OF THE ABOVE BUT,one night can change,errr well... some of that.

Since its just me and jia eu left,we decided to bring the rich kids in - Andrew Paul,SS3 dude.haha friday evening,me and jia eu went to that very innocent looking,1.50 an hour earning,tiny,small photostat shop that is FULL OF WHATEVER FIREWORKS UR MAMA DON WANT U AROUND,the not-so-expensive ones of course, to get the goods (or the bads).spent 20 bucks on it weih. prices now and four years ago are alot different. Hiding 'em in our pockets (jia eu is police-paranoid) and walking through our humble neighbourhood, planning ways of freaking andrew out later (when he comes,that is) and we arrive at jia eu's hse to watch ACE VENTURA.friggin' funny.

We told andrew to meet us at secret recipe at 815pm. We had no idea a new secret recipe has poped out of nowhere a week ago all the way on the other side of SS2. miscommunication alot of credit wasted and pissed off me and jia eu but we found him.

Went back to jia eu's hse,grabbed the goods and left skipping and singing Tra-la-la-la-la ( nahh...just andrew) to the field filled with memories. had so much fun shooting rockets at each other (nola,andrews mom would kill him and jia eu was freakin out), throwing dragon eggs in the sky and WAAAHHH-ING to it. we oso gave andrew a short tour of those historic good ol' days on the field. then we had the "closing ceremony" with the chunnest mercun.shoots up,bangs in to so many colours and floats down together with a parachute ( God knows how much that costs).

Then on the way to go makan, got one Damsel in Distress ( no,not really... a bit to old) speaking mandarin to us bananas. she said got one indian guy kacauing her maid from the back alley of the house( at times like this,i'm 100% Chinese) .then jia eu so semangat go take sticks find the fella ( tentu,he run away d kan)]. i was just thinkin bout mah DINNER ( it was 1030pm). as expected, didn't find the fella la.

Decided to go pelita's instead of murni's. had murtabak daging,joked and laughed,paid the bill and headed for steamboat. makan summore and andrew's mom came to pick him (or it) up. then me and jia eu went for some tau foo fa. it was okok oni.the best is still the one at Dj.then we both went home Contented.

So at least we got to continue the fun we've been having for years.hanging out with mah neighbours always rocked. next up,kai fan with li ann.haha.

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