19 May 2007

Man By Choice.

Hey people! or rather... guys. Remember that event we thought was real dumb that was all for girls, the guy version is here!!! Be That Guy is here for the first time!!! i'm tellin yeah, its not to miss. theres gonna be football, skateboarding [yeah!],music and of course, since this is a conference too, theres gonna be awesome sermons and msges by different people motivating us to be who God wants us to be. So yeah,check it out and ask me for details.

What? : Be That Guy Conference 07
When? : 26th May 07, Saturday.
Where? : shit i forgot... somewhere in klang i think.
Whats happenin? : a day full of what guys love to do and what guys wish girls could do.
Why go? : Because its not to miss... haha.
How to go? : tell me if ur goin first. i'll arrange everything.
Whats included? : an awesome T-shirt.
How much for the conference? : only 10 BUCKS!!!!
So people, don't miss it k.ohya and the potong thing is that girls are invited oso. so yeah, if u girls wanna go.ask me too. but erh, no need go la u all.. haha.don't ya think the need for u to highlight makes it so mysterious?. haha.
peace out.
ohya and i got an A for geografi!!! woohoo!!!

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