26 August 2007

Danced the night away.

So yess, in the end i did go for Aseana Percussion Unit's gig. and it was awesome. just not as awesome as last year.haha. i skipped aunty pats[shawna's other aunt] dinner for this and i think it was worth it. got to taste some of the food anyway since my mom brought back some.haha. ohya,and i went for the fest with the same two monkeys :

cuz SssSsSShhhhaaAaAwwwwnaaaa couldn't come.[nvm,theres always a next year eh?] what really grabbed my attention that night before APU came up on stage is the little kids playing with the cool fountains. man, they were so cute and meiwan couldn't stop noticing 'em too.haha. then there was this dude in front of me with a real farnie shirt.ohya,and his chick,had a big head that blocked me from watching everything. the night seemed to have more indians.hahaha. there was this indian dude,not bad leh,he can dance.hahaha. kinda reminds me of the SYTYCD indian dude.he rocks weih. i think he shud have won.haha.



Cute dei. haha.
Oo. someones in trouble now.haha.
As geeky as i was last time,i don't remember being like this one.what a loser.
Cheers mate.
Meanwhile, Isaac's boss was performing, Sharizan. he sang the same tau Sah Pau version of spiderman like last year. this year, he also sang "tanggal 31." what a classic.anyway,i never did fancy him.he's as borin as shelley leong[inkkie's cousin].hahaha. When APU took the stage, they started very shallow and tribal like they always do.for some reason,they always save their best for the last.same like last time.hahaha. they also mixed a whole bunch of asian music into one song.real cool weih. since most of the unit are indians, they really knew how to sing indian songs. then there was the chinese violin that gave the whole cina feel. there was the saxaphone,keys,modern violin, and the drumset to make the whole younger feel. topped off with justin,the dreadlocks dude who made the more tribal percussions. just perfect weih.
The big drum dudes.

Floor percussions.
Throw in a modern snare.
The congo's.
The bass.
The cinaman.
2 Vocalists.
Mark david,my mommy's friend.[ivan calls him the shuffling dude.haha]
The Justin Section [why?cuz he's darn cool.]:
He works everything actually.
Particularly the Regular percussion kit.
and the erh. whatever.haha.
and every year, towards the end of their gig, they'd always get into one drumline and it would be darn cool. or they'd teach how to do some dikir barat and once or twice justin would do an amazing solo [the dude can change from hands to elbows.] which i videod but youtube sucks so i couldn't upload it.
Dikir barat
APU style.
Then we goofed around till my sis and her friends were rdy to go. cuz as always, Sarah and her friends will always go talk to justin and what not.hahaa.[seriously,when justin comes to do his solo,all the chicks scream his name.hahaha].
we didn't plan it, but we ended up making the same faces.
Damn Scary.
Emo Shmemo.
Meiwan as darn funny.
well, the cool thing bout APU is they get the crowd involved.instantly, everyone started running up and dancing in the middle of no where. So we went to. and i got to see ivan dance. ahahahaha. but really, even in their drumline's the give us actions to dance to. really fun old people.hahaha. but last years was more fun liao. APU is the only band that can get people to dance. they're music is totally different from any norm jazz. thats why u cannot say if APU or funk mob is better.its totally different.
Thank you, you two for coming again.haha, i think we can start a jazzfest gang.lol.

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