30 September 2007

Pressure dei.

It's just a few more hours before i take my 1st paper. man, i can't wait. i can
almost taste freedom. just 5 more friggin days and my whole middle school life is done and over. how nice is that? while i take these papers, i shall learn to appreciate them. cuz they are wayyy easier than whatever i'm gonna get next year. and plus, there ain't gonna be an objective paper for us in SPM. so whattheheck eh?haha. what am i gonna do after pmr?probably hangout with Naeden, eat banana leaf, dye my hair, go skating,fix my guitar, and oh, climb Kinabalu. thats just in 2 weeks time btw. its gonna be sooo fun. we're going snorkling at pulau manukan there too. according to terence,that place is real good. so yeah, hope for the best. all the best to everyone else who are taking their papers. God Bless!

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