06 October 2007

Into Oblivion..

today i was in klang, thinkin, " when i go home i need to study." then i shook my head and thought again,"crap,pmr is over.whatheheck am i talking about?"

Since the beginning of this year,i've developed this habit of opening my books when i'm bored and studying the life out of myself. i have no idea how i'm gonna get that habit out of me. like darren said, "you must be freaking free now." how true is that?
Apart from doing the housework,planning for next year's rangers, completing my GMA, hoping to find a job,jamming with youth church,catching movies,climbing KK,planning a big youth event, joining a softball comp,playing futsal,being part of christmas musical,and having thinking sessions, i'm FRIGGIN' BORED.
Not that i loved the "PMR life",but at least i had something to do. maybe i think i shall make some pretty cool tools like a homemade knife, a spear or carve a beautiful design on a stick. oh and i have to practice my math and get a good foundation before SPM math kills me next year, BM too.

and i really really want funeral for a friend 's and Faber Drive 's album.

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PEtriNa said...

I got 11 Faber Drive songs la...which kinda amounts to 1 album. hahaha...

But i didn't download the album as a whole cause i couldn't find the torrent. So i just downloaded single single.

What songs do you already have? :)