18 October 2007

Transaction Error.

I'm baaack! out of probably the thousands of times i've ever been to singapore, this would be the most non-purposeful and short. if i recap on what i did there, i'd say i only ate some damn good delicious huge crabs. imagine that, all the way to another country for dinner and back the next morning.

Entertainment while waiting for the bloody Singaporeans to sort out stuff.

Zoe's bean face.

The journey down really sucked. we had problems with the imigration dept. at sg. so we had to exit singapore, go back to m'sia, wait for 2 hours, exit m'sia, go back into sg. baaaabi. and because of that, all our day's plans were ruin so we slept in at my grandma's. Then we did what eventually became the highlight of the trip, met up with my aunt and unc,ate i'd say the best crabs i've ever eaten and not having to pay a cent. fancy that eh?

Does this answer your question, "why are the lims so tall?"

Trying to look cute ha, sarah?!

As tradition followed, we had breakfast at mcd's down the road. The breakfast at mcd's m'sia always sucked. ohya and in singapore, they give PORK!! a big boo hoo to all the tudungs and songkoks staying there.

13 years later, some things never change.


When we saw this,we just had to take a shot.Somehow its damn funny.

They actually celebrate halloween here.[check out the big one.]

20 years later,Some things never change.


oh what an unplanned trip.

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