31 October 2007

The violin plays..

I seriously wonder how people can be so darn talented. Over the past years, My older sis has been downloading movie soundtracks from this dude, Hans Zimmer. Little did i know how incredible his music is.

Hans Zimmer is a composer that has done all the emo music u hear in all of your favourite movies, yes, ALL. Armageddon,Pearl Harbour,Batman,Black Hawk Down,Braveheart,Lion King,Gladiator,King Arthur,Mission Impossible, The Last Samurai,Pirates of the Carribean,Tears of the sun, Da vinci Code, Simpsons, just to name a FEW.

Why do people cry when they watch a movie?because of the story. Emo giler. but what triggers them off? the music. This is the bugger that has been MAKING EVERYONE CRY.

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