22 November 2007

Allah rakhmat.

Working with kids is awesome. i had sooo much fun at vacation bible school. being the team leader, it was sure hectic, my group was driving me mad, but it was all worth it. i had marcus pee's brother in my group too, elijah. and he is dammmn cute. i took like 500 pics over the 3 days there, and a quarter of it are of elijah. I got to know a lot of people at USJ church too.

Setting up the tent.

Eunice's "argh, i lost" face.

My team.

The pizza boxes game.

Arts and crafts.

Love birds.

Who u looking at!

Butterfly game.

Lunch time.

Game props.

Kalai,the naughty one.


Bee crew.

Devotion time.

Picnic place.

Smile everyone!

12 year old chicks are a lil' too old.

The quiet chick.

Prize giving.

Balloon games.

Mr. Wig

Guess who.


Take picture of me!

Welcome to the ELIJAH section.

All ends well =)

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