13 December 2007

and do it all over again.

k back to camp..

it was all gooooood. 4 days past incredibly fast. and nobody wanted to go home after that.hahaha. but no doubt that CAMERONS SUCKS wei. everyone was sick going up, and sick going down. and the place we stayed wasn't even nice, and the food sucked too. the ride there itself is as long as going down to singapore.

300+ campers!

My team was awesome la. at pre camp they all shy shy, but at camp, everything came out. and JARON TAN, ur darn funny wei. Hydrowar was cool, but my gun sucked, so i ditched it and ran around with my flag. and we won in the end.whee! justin's worship session was possibly the best i've ever been in. hmm, what else a bout camp?oh, and i performed the song i wrote. and managed to keep in tune.hahahaha. but best of all, i won BEST NEW MALE CAMPER. yay!

Kampung chillex all the way!

First night worship.

"i'd like to thank my mom and dad"

Sam meets Sam. ahahahaha
met alot of people, since i'm new anyway. i had alot of fun.

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