03 December 2007

It whacks us in the face.

k dudes and dudettes, time for some christian values. i don't think i've ever done a post like this before, but let me tell yah, its worth reading.

Lately i've been reading a book by john eldgredge called Waking the dead. What came out of it really answered a lot of questions christians ask today. Backed up by a whole load of verses from the bible, John clearly put it this way. Our Hearts are most important to us. In the bible, notice every apostle,every prophet, every man or woman of God always asks God for one thing, Give me a heart that is clean and pure. oh, but u know what stinks? our hearts are also the weakest. and yes, the devil knows it. but do we? why do u think we always feel lost inside, feel we have failed ourselves and those around us, feel its all coming down? its simple, the devil is robbing our hearts and filling it with grief.

I give u the simplest example. Spiderman 1. The green goblin knew that it would actually be impossible to kill spiderman. but he knew another way to destroy him, "We attack his heart!", the goblin spirit said to Norman Osborn. He tried to kill the one peter parker loved, aunt may and mary jane. and in the end, he tried to kill spiderman and almost succeeded.
Earlier on i mentioned john backed up this truth with a whole load of verses. doesn't that make it even clearer? God has been hinting this truth to us and i don't know about you, but i never realized it.There is a constant battle between God and those who go against Him. The part of the bible that shows this is, remember daniel? daniel was fasting and praying for three weeks, asking God to show him a sign,a miracle, an answer. He was wondering, has God really given up on me?why isn't He coming to rescue us all? finally after 3 weeks, an angel appeared to him and what he said, simplified, was "hey,sorry i'm late. God actually heard your prayer on the first day of these three weeks and asked me to answer it. but there was a demon trying to get in the way, so i had to call the big boss, gabriel, to come and help me get rid of it. finally after 3 weeks, i can come to you with good news."
God has always been trying to give us our hearts, but we can't have it unless we want it. unless we lay down whatever is important to us, our jobs, our studies or whatever is making us bored and go grab our hearts.
It is sad to say though, one of the reasons why we don't know this is the church has been telling us otherwise. the concept we've been taught is that adam sinned, and therefore we have sinned and our hearts are wicked and evil. that is not true. When Jesus came down, He didn't not only to take away our sins, He came to give life and life to the full. now, what is life? where can u find life? no where other than the heart.Jesus actually changed humanity,for real. why do u think the movies always say "follow your heart." and in the end of the story, they always achieve happiness. its a fairytale,really. But its no doubt that the devil is still trying to take our hearts away from us. and from the looks of it, he is really succeeding. just take a look at any church today, well most churches, don't they look bored?doesn't any church go-er look like he's searching for something else?something that would give him a life?
Now, how do we guard our hearts?that my friends, i leave it to you to read WAKING THE DEAD. don't miss it.
As for my personal testimony, after reading one of john eldgrede books, Wild at Heart, which also talks about a man's heart, my life has never been the same. one or two friends of mine asked me why i was so boring last time as compared to now. they said i really changed after reading it. now thats what i call, never being the same. now i know the truth,

Its time for a new beginning, a new day.

i haven't even finish reading waking the dead..

..Clearly, there's so much more...

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