23 December 2007

Light a Candle..

No matter how racist or religionist this country can be, i'm truly certain that almost every race in malaysia loves Christmas. there has never been any holiday or celebration that has been as warming, jolly, and not to mention yummy, as Christmas.

Right now i'm not here to give the ol' boring msg about what Christmas really means. i just want to appreciate such a wonderful holiday that God has given to us.

Go to any shopping mall throughout the year, no festival celebration decor suits the shopping malls, or streets, other than Christmas ones. just to walk around in a mall like the curve already gives a nice warm feeling, as if i'm drinking hot chocolate on a cold day. Christmas is also the most multi coloured season in the world. other seasons are strictly red, or green, or yellow, or weird.

But no doubt the funniest is us asians, celebrating Christmas in a tropical country. what we all talk about or have any idea of christmas, is usually snow. Just today, it was blistering hot and we were all "yay!christmas is coming!".hahaha.

What a wonderful season this is. At times like this, its so nice to have family and friends around.

Thank You Lord for such a wonderful holiday.

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