26 December 2007

O Holy Night.

Well, though Christmas this year wasn't much of a big deal cuz we had to do the stupid musical and cancel caroling, i did do a few nice things.

Bored in the make-up room.

yes, thats me on the left.

My sis, the present.

What is klang without BKT?

Me and my sisters are incredibly tired of this musical. a lot of effort put into it. if u add up the hours it took for preparation, it would be 2 weeks non stop. do the math. well, i'd say it was half worth it cuz the audience enjoyed it. but it practically took up my holidays. haha. after lunch we went to my mom's friends hse which is damn nice. he's some malay multi millionaire who opened his hse for Christmas. i met acap there too. what a small world.hahaha.

Beb, nak naik k'reta beb?

A swimming pool?

Kedric kwan.[who sucks in photography.hahaha]

The malay dude has a friggin Royce.

and these are my sisters, who look 5 years older than they actually are. ahha.

then at night, we all went to Shawna's hse for a christmas party. we had a lot of fun there. and the food was damn good. haha. so i guess that concludes my small christmas celebration. untill new years, peeps.

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