18 December 2007

Of reunions and more..

Yesterday i spent the whole day with my old school friends. we went to curve and did nothing. whee! hahaha, but anyway, my two friends are back from vietnam and New zealand. yay! and last night we had a bbq at may wen's hse. it is my pleasure to introduce to you...

Miss Lil.

I haven't seen her in 3 years. back then, i was short, and i had a broken arm.hahahaha. but stupid andrew long, the dude from NZ didn't come last night. God knows why. but i haven't seen him in a year. so it ain't that long.hahaha. well anyway, are bbq sucked, but nevertheless, we still had fun. Played some ping pong, ate raw meat, listened to BUS COMPANY ON HITZ.FM, talked about the vietnam war[aha,no, just kidding]. k. that would be the rest of the night..
May Wen's stone face.
The black dude came along too.
Jia eu cursing the bbq pit
"noo, don't take picture of me" too late,sucker.ahahaha
Ping Pong
The electric cooker.
Li ann
May wen will always be damn ama.
Finally, dinner at 11pm.
Awesome meeting u again, Lil[spoiler la u maywen.]
and whee, happy anniversary jadjadjums.

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