31 January 2008


I seriously got ripped off lorrrr.. or i just expected too much and got a huge dissapointment. i did have fun, but wasn't that big of a deal. i get more rush climbing a mountain for hours, no kidding. Our raft was the best anyway. pet picked man,naeden, dan hsiao,chris cheong, and me in one raft. and our guides were the most fun.ahahaha. the guides took sucky photos though. the trip service was good. they give u snacks on the way and by the time u finish the whole course, lunch is ready for u. its the same place we had camporama 2000. i guess thats what all the money is going to.
The only klang who came, turned out to be Jason. the khaki pants dude.and he fell into the water more than anyone else did. aiseh.hahaha

This was the kononye "big drop". i'm the dude with the eyes closed.ahaha.
I'd say jumping into the rapids was much more fun.
Break at the waterfalls.
Capsizing was also one of the only thrills we had.
and drift away.

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