07 February 2008

Beb, nak naik kart beb?

varooom vrommmm. Reving up our karts tightening our CRAP! no seatbelts. hm. all the better! ahahaha. i had extreme amount of fun go karting at extreme park with cckl peeps. i was the suckiest besides joshie cuz they all have gone karting before. nevertheless, i had my dose of crashes and drifts and CRASH BANDICOOT moments. we all did. its just that i came out last.ahahaha.

In the pits.

The cindian was there too.

The champs.

Joshie loves taking photos of himself.

Then we headed to tmn aman after dinner at asia cafe to film city news. tmn aman is where i broke my arm 4 years ago skateboarding. ah the memories. see the patch of grass? that was the spot. and to the right is james the white dude seeing what he still has left in my board. oh i managed to pull off a 2 foot high ollie in slippers that night. i've still got it in me.ahahaha.

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