19 March 2008


AHAHAHAHAHAHA. i just realized something. its darn sad that i'm the only one in my class [besides this other guy who is always out of class] who jokes around and keeps doing the dumbest things to amuse myself. and i found out why its darn sad ; cuz theres no one to do it back to me, so i can laugh! i'm oni laughing at my own jokes!

see, i have this theory : humour is suppose to be a two way thing. i crack a joke, we laugh, u crack a joke, we laugh again, and it goes on.

sounds pretty dumb, but its a fact. take for example, comedians. i think they are darn sad. they make people laugh but they can't laugh at other peoples jokes. its oni theirs that they laugh at.ahahaha. so this is why all the humour i make is so dissatisfying; cuz i don't get kicks out of everyone else. all they do is laugh at my jokes, they don't joke back so i can laugh.

So basically, my class sucks. cuz i oni have 40 percent of the fun i shud be having.ahaha. and theres a chick that doesn't even layan me k. she gives me some damn sarcastic look everytime i crack a joke. haha.

but on the brighter side, i found out something new about myself! *gives myself a pat on the back*

Happy laughing ,people!

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