26 March 2008

Talk about coincidence.

So upon the real man of the house's return, he had cravings for izzi's. the one place that sucked the last time we went there. why did he want to? simply because...

U won't believe how many times he kept mentioning it. typical cinaman i tell u.

So turned out, the food was actually pretty good. better than last time.

and this is my damn cool ama.

OH and for all those who didn't know, this is what i've been stuck in for the past 3 weeks.

He was darn happy i tell u.

My sisters.

Gosh. i need to do something about my hair

at the end of the meal, my dad said, ohya btw. this is my birthday dinner.AHAHAHAHAHA. so he had to pay for his whole family for his birthday treat. that is darn sad. well, he's a 50 this year. 50% off on a 50th bday.ahahaha.

oh i love my family :)

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