04 March 2008

Where did it all start?

So what does democracy really mean? for years we haven't had our say in this country. and it sucks. u call voting 'our say'? BN freakin cheats. cheats like hell. who is BN? our friggin government dammit! some people say they can change the country. From what i see, its nearly impossible to change a country if the leadership is corrupted.

I'm not only saying BN sucks. it just sucks the worse. all other parties seem to have their own motives. in ever party there always is some corrupted jack. and then u have sakkais like Najib who tells the whole world that BN is actually cheating. or u have our own Badawi, who we love and respect and always look up to, WHO DOESN'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT HIS CORRUPT GOVERNMENT.it sucks man. and it has effects on us too. i mean, look at our school ed system. waste of my freakin time. i can't even pursue my own ambitions with the skool system. i can't even pursue music or skateboarding, cuz the government don't support. they think all these activities are 'masalah sosial'. WTH man!

If there is by any chance that things are gonna change, only God can interceed. pray people,pray. we don't want the whole of malaysia moving to melbourne just because BN won again.
and the 200th post goes to a stand.

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