08 June 2008

Zoos are far by the awesomest place to be.

i'm back from kiasu-kiasi land. and there's not much to talk about camporama. it was a buckaroos round up la. hundreds of discovery rangers and 10 expedition oni. babi la. and no hot chicks summore. but i did get to spend 6 days with weiloong and jared who i rarely hangout with. i got to see kedric walk like liew kang kang for his soar ass. i got to see the DAMN AWESOME POLAR BEAR which i've adored since i was 4. and i got to eat ben&jerry's ice cream, which is far by the best in the world. this is my first time going down to singapore without my family and it was damn fun to hangout with the mission trip 05 bunch. a couple of klangers made it better. hahahaahaha. i'll post up pics if there are any worth posting up. i'm off to school. tu-raaa!

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PEtriNa said...

SOAR ass?

SORE ASS la. ahahahahahhahhaha...

As not-so-happening as Singapore Camporama itself was, i miss it already. =S