31 July 2008


Watching a ball being tossed about on tv with 22 men chasing it has always been entertaining for me. well entertaining enough for me to start yelling at the screen, that is. but i've never actually been in the tv, in other words, the real atmosphere of the game. just never crossed my mind to buy a ticket to a football match. So when Chelsea came, i took the opportunity to breathe in the giler bola air. fortunately enough, i had a sausage company to fest with at the match[ahahaha]. and we even bumped into klanggg.

Shah alam in all its "glory"

As for the match itself, it was pretty darn disappointing.i paid 53 bucks to watch one of the greatest football clubs in the world, kick around a ball. and the game was slowwww. but i have to say, although malaysia didn't really have a plan other than DEFEND LIKE MAD, they didn't a pretty impressive job. a few opportunities were created, and many shots amazingly saved by our star keeper. I went to this game neutral. but a few minutes later, my patriotism spirit started kicking in or, i just when football crazy, we all did.

Check out the blue sea behind.

when the first goal was scored by chelsea, i got the shock of my life. the stadium went nuts, and i mean HAPPY NUTS. babi, they were all friggin supporting chelsea. WHATHECRAP!. it must be sucky for the malaysian team to play against a world class team, but even suckier to watch their own blood turn against them[darn drama kan?]. its just not done i tell u. haha.

"Patah Kaki dia!!" yelled yu tjin. "tolak depannnn!!" yelled yen. and manesh was the funniest.. "apalu buatt?! kasi dia nangis mintak nenek dia! adik saya pun boleh buat!" i'd say we were all insane. INSANE. and we tried raising a chorus of malaysia spirit with Ol'e Ol'e Ol'e, but malay buggers all seemed more interested in watching chelsea bring malaysia to their knees.

and before we knew it, the match was over. and we were caught in a jam outside the stadium for the next two hours. baaaaabi.

Malaysia boleh!mati

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