02 July 2008

he shoots,he scores!

We feel cheated of our money. paid damn a lot for a new comp to laggggg and internet to suckkkk. nevertheless, i've been filling my sit-around-and-do-nothing time with every damn game i never had growing up. hahahahaha. well, not all of course. but FIFA 08, ROCKSSS. i remember in form 2, xiong and yen used to talk about fifa every moment in skool.i was left outtttt. gosh, i seriously never thought this day would come. thank You Lord!!!

anyhow, i managed to bag a pathetic average for exams. freaking 57. and i only got 3 A's. i'm sooo screwed. and JARED LETO is hosting MTV awards! i need a tickettttt... haha damn gay. but 30seconds rocks.

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