02 July 2008

meet the three hottest chicks i hangout with. ;)


Yi Lin; Lynne said...

Someone's terrified.

huiying.chin said...

why put thaaat picture when we got nicer ones -_-

and i told you don't rip!!!

Sam said...

yilin, u chicks kenot make up ur minds la. one minute ur like "sam i don't need u to tell me i look good" the next thing u know, u tell me "screw u" when i didn't say anything about u. wth laaaa.

and no, i'm just giving some consolation since u both damn pissed off that i didn't say anything about u both.

Sam said...

u both take things just too seriously.

huiying.chin said...

no, its cos shawna just too malu to say anything (you can't see it)
neh, don't defend yourself cos you know its undeniably true