06 August 2008

Lets get teen hearts beating faster.

Now it is time for another music update. last i checked, my favourite band list has been Switchfoot,Relient K, Anberlin, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and the ever so awesome 30seconds to mars. but just a few days ago, i've added a few moree.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Script. This irish band hailing from.. well, ireland has incredible lyrics that bring meaning to life. this is added with awesome music, a kind of band R&B with rap.and not to mention, their lead singer's voice is freaking awesome. they only have one EP and a few recorded songs. but they're reaaaallly awesome. and extra points for them being unmistakably incredible, live at MAA. they made the cut. Congradulations!

and then there's falling up. Christian rock band from US. when i first heard them i thought, great sound. till i checked out their old albums. shiiittt, freaking awesome. being a christian band, they most definitly have a message in their lyrics. but their music is out of this world. its funk,R&B,rock,alternative and even some techno all combined into one. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Cool enough?

Mute Math. anything with the word math in it, i've never liked, untill now. i discovered them through Transformers Soundtrack,where they did an amazing remix of the transformers theme song.so that gave me a good enough excuse to go explore their other music. but ares was being an ass, so i had to wait a while. this band is almost like falling up,except they have awesome vocals,an incredible drummer, and THEY ARE DAMN CHUN LIVE. seriously, check them out. and they're christian too. so thats awesome music,awesome lyrics,and amazing live performance.and for me, a good live performance is much additional points.

Panic, u unfortunately didn't make the cut. u guys were no doubt awesome at MAA and ur music is definitly one of a kind and ur circus live shows are daaaammnnn cool. but in chasing the dream of being different from other people, ur lyrics just don't mean nothing. haha, sad to say. but yeaaahhh thats a big part of how good a band is. so i'd confirm go for ur shows and mosh,dance,go crazzzyyy.but i don't know whatheheck i'm singing. hahaha. but keep it up, someday u'd make it into my list.

But nine in the afternoon, is niceeee. its a happy song for happy people,where it's nine in the afternoon, and our eyes are the size of the moon. and we're feeling so good just the way that we should :)

MTV asia awards post will come
as soon as i get all the photos.
promise wan.

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