30 August 2008

Welcome to the Fortnight show.

Soooo, what have i been up to over the past two weeks? well i took a pretty much useless trip down to singapore. walked around the usual spots, walked all the way to the esplanade in hope of a music fest only to find out baybeats is only in 2 weeks time. i did meet up with an awesome damn cool only chindian dude to be found in singapore,Phil Chin, who i met at camporama middle of this year. we walked around a bit and watched LOVE GURU. stupid show. hahaha. oh but i did get an awesome pair of earphones. its 70 bucks but, it was all worth it. the sound is awesome.

and, my grandma's new hse in singapore is at a perfect location. two bus stops from junction8 shopping mall,MRT,and Bus terminal. Right above a whole bunch of hawkers, mamaks, and markets. a few stops from bishan community centre. and get this, a five minute walk from the track and field and football stadium for YOUTH OLYMPICS 2010. so yeah, Bishan rocks.

Few days later we had our Expedition Slumber Night. went rock climbing at camp5, and ps2-ed and pool-ed the rest of the night at Goh's hse. the next day we took a trip to kuala selangor to see some mammals, but all we got was a bird, a mudskipper, a few lizards, tiger scratched marks on a tree, crabs, and a rock that we all imagined was an alligator. and then, i broke my flops for the 6th time. but after that, we had pretty good seafood over sungai selangor.

While all that was happening, DENISE CHAN, a chick i met randomly in akarkarya a year ago who i bumped into at mtv auditions who also made it to MAA and had an awesome night, the same as i did, FREAKING WON THE AVRIL WANNABE CONTEST. crap. 3000 cash, a squier telecaster, and meet and greet passes to avril's concert. so there u have it. hahaha.

Then last night, i decided to go all the way to Putrajaya to catch the Grand finale of the international fireworks competition. went with my mom and my younger sis. the whole show only lasted for half an hour, so that sucked. but it was pretty nice.

and there u have it, a fortnight of a few events.tu-raaaa.

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