19 September 2008

The truth after a lie.

a 77 year old man once said : "there is no greater wealth, than health"

In that case, i wouldn't consider myself rich at all. i developed a spasmic freaky lump in my throat making it hard for me to breathe,eat,swallow and even TALK. and it really suckssss big time. i haven't been to school in a week or so. [to a certain extent, that isn't a great thing. haha]

I realize i'm prone to all sorts of sicknesses and injuries. On any normal day i'd fight it out. but this one is a really bummer. i mean,c'mon, i freaking need to breathe and talk la.

All i can do now is hang on to hope of a recovery that is almost guranteed to be given by Him.

and for that, Thank You Lord!

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